Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Hon Shukri Hariir Ismael

By Goth Mohamed Goth

In well attended commemorating the 8th of March, an international woman Day 2014 in Somaliland was held today the civil service hall in Hargeisa in an event organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs, NAGAAD and NOW.

The Deputy Minister of Social Affairs Hon Shukri Hariir Ismael said, “Women in Somaliland have also assumed a critical role in the progress of the national democratization process. They constitute the majority of the voters, as well as, supporters of the political parties and associations, which has been critical in the establishment of the multi-party democratization programme in the last ten years.

Hon Shukri Hariir Ismael.added, “As Somaliland continues to build upon its democratic ambitions, there is much more that needs to be done to ensure that every member of society has equal opportunity and the capacity to reach their potential and understanding the social, political, cultural and economic contexts within which women’s rights work.

Also notable personalities present at today’s event were the state Minister in the Presidency Hon Mohamed Muse Abess, State Minister of Education and higher learning Hon head of NOW, NAGAAD and other stakeholders.

Mrs. Ayan Muse of NAGAAD

Mrs. Ayan Muse Nuur, NAGAD’s representative in Togdheer region

In a similar event held Burao, Somaliland second capital marking the event which was organized and funded by the NAGAD, umbrella representing the various women organizations in Somaliland and CARITAS.

Mrs. Ayan Muse Nuur, NAGAD’s representative in Togdheer region speaking at the event said, “Today Women around the world today gather in solidarity to commemorate 8th of March International Women’s Day 2014 and to mark their struggle for fundamental freedoms and rights. 

NAGAAD’s Togdheer representative went on to say, “Women in this country are significantly underrepresented in terms of political participation. She also points out that because women were not included in the drafting of the constitution, no special protections for them exist within the current legislative framework.

The Governor of Togdheer region Mr. Mohamed Muse Diriye speaking at the event said, “As we all know women took a significant and positive role in the different stages of the national reconstruction process, including the initial reconciliation and peace-building, rehabilitation and the most current democratization stage.

NAGAAD and other civil society organizations have continued to lobby for a bill in parliament that introduced the idea of reserved quotas for women and minorities for elected positions.

Also among the speakers at the event was Prof. Saleban Diri of Buroa University, Ms. Asha Hassan of NAGAD, CARITAS Ms. Faysa  Jama, Mr Ismael Ahmed from the Ministry of Social Affairs ,Ms. Asha Ali Qabile the director general in the Ministry of Social Affairs.