By Goth Mohamed Goth

Senior staff and junior employees garner essential skills which are in compliance with the international laws and regulations governing money transfer during a one day training season held at Mansoor Hotel.

The one day training session was undertaken by all departmental heads, supervisors, cahiers and tellers measures into place that counter international money laundering. It does this in several ways: it makes financial institutions undertake several new special measures against money laundering, Groups linked to terror, Drug traffickers, illegal Arms dealers and by restricting or prohibiting the use of certain types of bank accounts.

The head of money transfer section at Dahabshil Mr. Abdurrahman Ali Abdi urged the company highly trained staff to utilize the newly acquired skills while offering company’s service to the customers in accordance with the international conventional standards set for money transfer.

“Today’s training is part of a continuation of similar trainings the company staffs have undertaken in the past in regard with international money transfer rules and regulation, although this one is unique considering the fact it’s the first incompliance American requirements and also reiterates the money transfer company commitment to provide protections, including disclosure requirements, and error resolution and cancellation rights, to consumers who send remittance transfers to their families ,relatives  or businesses in a foreign country,” he stated.   

Mr. Abdurrahman Ali Abdi on behalf of Dahabshil International thanked Mr. Ali Mohamed Goodir and Mr. Mohamed Ali Nuur AKA Siddiq who is in charge of Dahabshil branch in Minnesota, USA for organizing and facilitating todays training.

Also present at the one day training event were the Governor of Somaliland Mr. Abdi Dirir Abdi who lauded the company’s management for their efforts in making sure staff at every level in the financial institution undertook the crucial training which not only serves the company’s interests but those of the national well.

The Governor of Somaliland Central Bank also reminded the trainees to be vigilante while executing the daily duties when it comes to the monitoring and the identification in detecting would be in breach of international regulations such money launders, drug money and human traffickers and that they’re dealt with thus making sure genuine customers are safeguarded.

Also addressing the training event was the Director General Mr. Abdullah Hassan Somaliland Central Bank who reminded trainees on the importance with keeping compliance with international norms when it comes to international money transfer , the DG also extended his appreciation towards the the company’s management for including controllers from the Central Bank’s Fraud Detection Department in the one day training.

Mr. Albert E. Brady of AEB consultancy services acted as a moderator and whose firm  offers legal advices to the international money transfer company awarded the trainees certificates of participation.