By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Mayor of Hargeisa Mr. Abdirahman Mahmoud Aided has today issued a stern warning to all unlicensed hawkers who have been blocking spaces used by pedestrian.

The Mayor who was speaking to the press in his offices announced that the city council will begin a massive cleaning campaign which aims to clear all passages which are part of the city drainage system before the raining season begins.

The Council man warned that the council won’t hesitate remove all those hawkers and unlicensed street vendors who have currently occupied spaces reserved for pedestrian and those who have erected structures used to do business without even paying one cent in form of taxes in newly refurbished pavements in the city center.

At the same the Mayor of Hargeisa urged city residents to depose off their trash in designated pickup locations so that the city garbage collection can easily pick up their trash in a bid to avoid blocking of city drainage system by resident garbage and to hazard caused to the environment and public health.

“The council campaign will kick off on Wednesday morning clear the city drainage system and we shall also spare no street in the city center”, he said.


  1. They surely know how to eat and dress!!!! plant some trees in the city that's not hard is it?