By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Environment and Rural Development Hon Shukri Haji Ismael Bandare today opened one day meeting to discuss and drafting of the environmental protection legislations amid the current rapid industrialization pace in the country.

Madam Shukri Bandare speaking at the one day event said, “We should put in places policies which are in a way act as effective guidelines in deterring industrial pollution resulting from rapid urbanization and industrialization and which are synchronize with environmental protection social development could reach a co-ordinated benefit.

“We are currently working with the few industries established in the country so that both of us can adopt very forward-looking strategies and which are emphasizing a more balanced and co-ordinated approach to development and conservation, and which will be put in practice in an early stage of the country industrialization,” Madam Shukri Bandare said.

Lastly the Minister of Environment and Rural Development said, “Currently we only have light industries established in the country but that may change soon that’s why we should act fast in order to  avoid some of the worst pollution scenario experienced in more developed and heavily industrialized countries in the world.

The event which was co- organized by Somaliland Ministry of Industries attracted various international and local environmental protection groups and the representatives of various governmental agencies.



  1. Maybe she sould start with the private trasg that people dump everywhere.
    As she said its very little industrial in Somaliland, so start with the current problems, like trash and start resycle bottles like everywhere else.