Political parties are the backbone of democratic system that represents certain views and ensures future political platform of a country. Nowadays in Somaliland there is epidemic for too many parties either established or upper coming parties. I believe too many parties would cause unnecessary setbacks and can damage the image of our beloved country.

We should not compete over which party is in the flavor of the month or which party has the load mouth but we should consolidate our political parties into few with variety of diverse opinions in each party. Somaliland has a lot of challenges and need to focus for positive improvement and create economic opportunities, job creation, basic health care for all citizen, quality education, public infrastructure and accountability of the government sectors. These are the areas we should focus not names of these numerous political parties. People should focus the real need for the country and how the country benefit young people in more productive way like attracting foreign companies to invest or creating small factories that employ native young people and send homemade merchandise to neighbor countries. We should recognize that young people or working age of our countries as resource that need to be tap and used appropriately and turn our country into an exporting country.

I also believe only two to three political parties is in the best for our country, because too many parties would only create too many frictions and controversies. If you look developed countries only few parties exist where citizens with no political affiliation consider themselves as independent voter.

I ask my fellow Somaliland citizen to think positive and look deeper in this emerging issues and say enough, too many political with no vision rather than noisy groups who are just thinking about their ego would only immerse destructive propaganda in order to get recognition.

May God Help Us

Ahmed A. Ahmed

Somaliland Citizen



  1. Liberals in Somaliland have constantly been frustrated by one thing: Somaliland democracy. Almost every political movementthat claims to represent the people seems to want to overregulate the public. For every problem, we need a law. Even when we know that the ruling government is corrupt, neither the public nor anybody or party can do anything about this. The amazing thing is that some people will claim that the government is clean and not corrupt. However our mantra for government and regulation does not stem from any functional justification. It stems from an attraction to power and previliges. The quesiton is what goining on, and where we are going to? Politics is the art of commitment or a combination of commitment and possibility. Our democracy and politics become narcotic, the narcotic that dumbs the pain of not recognizing that we do not trust each other enough. What this accounts to is a guilt of merry-go-round – tribalsim comes around and goes around. So is mistrust. Viva Somaliland

  2. The gosl is a fully fledged multiparty peoples civil democracy and all that portrayed
    in the article are practically working normally. The progress made by the ruling govt
    can not be fully denied. In due course, the multiparty democracies would overcome the

  3. The upper erchelons of the current are squeaky clean. Silanyo, Saylici, Dualeh, Shire, Waran Cadde..all are absolutely reproach. Corruption occusr are at lower levels where it can be as corrosive as it were happening in the Presidential palace.

    The problm is the weakness of the central government whih some neo-liberals in the West have been hailing as teh way to go in africa,; ie weakening the centre and strengthening local entities.

    In Somaliland these local entities are not pressure groups or women's movements or raidical students but one or two things both of which are backward and primeval in their outlook: religious fanatics and clan structures. We need strong, powerful even brutal central authority to keep the clans in check and the salafists cowed.

    Those old enough how well this worked during Siyad barre days: not one Somaliland caln so much as dared mention its name.
    Now they are all beating chests likec howler monkeys in heat. Send in the artillery and hang few hundred of them and they will fall in line I say.

    • Time has change, us the new generation only fear allah and if we see some one out of line we correct them without fearing them, shame you did't do that in your days.

  4. ..government..are squeaky clean"…..all are beyond reproach" "Those old enough will recall.." Sorry about typos