By Liban Haji Rabbi

Borama (somalilandpress): IOM is handed  certificates  to over 20  graduators  who graduated from Amoud University hence have already had  experiences by having been inducted  a seven months field practices in their specializations..

This program IOM is allocated for the young generation to be proficient, skillful.

 The ceremony is participated by officials from IOM, General Director of Ministry of Planning Vice Chairman of Awdal, Mayor of Borama, Head of Amoud University, parents, trained pupils, journalists and so on.

IOM Officer was appreciated to the partakers who participated with ceremony and said “I ‘am very pleased to hand these certificated over to 20 pupils that graduated from Amoud University”.

“IOM is provided this project to control immigrations, how the young generations should find a jobs in the country”.

 He also said “tonight we appointed  50% of the 10 pupils who concluded the induction have got permanent jobs, I’m expecting  for the other  pupils that they will get permanent jobs.

So that, this project is essential and worthwhile, we will allot to make it permanent, to night we will award certificates to the pupils that concluded induction course that named internship, I’m also appreciated to other agencies that are government agency and LNGOs who also handed this certificates to over pupils “.

 Chairman of Amoud University  Prof. Saleban  Ahmed Guleid expressed to thanked to IOM and said “it’s essential to employee those students that graduated from the universities”, Chairman of Amoud University also stated to the government that there are two obligations upon both the campus and state, the obligations for the University is to equip  the students with  knowledge that they  would be trained for proficient, while the obligations of the state is to employ or create jobs for the graduates”.

The   Chairman of Amound University also urged the state to give priority on employment to students that graduated from the local universities.

On the other, some of the students that graduated from Amoud University appreciated to IOM and said “IOM is open eyed for us”, therefore, they highlighted on gaining experience from the agencies that operates in the country, while they have being working in the field of induction, they also said “today we are well motivated to get jobs within our country, instead of going to other countries

(Emigrating), IOM is requested to continue the support  for the next patch students if Alle allows.



Mayor of Borama  Saleban Hasan  Hadi, indicated  that  they will upgrade  the Municipality  management system and procedures, Mayor of Borama appreciated  to IOM Agency,  he said “before Borama Municipality was a place that recruits employs without proper skills”,   but today, Borama Municipality is a place that recruits employs with proper skills, I’m very happy for that and we employed  two out of the 20 graduators, Mayor of Borama also promised that  he will employee any persons that have proficient .”


Vice Chairman of Awdal  Abdi Nur Sugal, appreciated  to IOM  and stated that this induction proficient is very important for  the graduators and he said “we already understood  significant of this proficient,  also he urged to other agencies to provide the graduators like this induction proficient. “


Director General of Ministry of Planning, A/Rashid Ahmed Sumal said, “I’m highly praised the important of this induction proficient which we already seen it’s essential significant and it’s job creating, motivation for employment ,also he pointed out that the state will plan like this  induction proficient for the whole graduators.”


It has being highlighted this is first induction proficient that taught in the universities which have being trained for the graduators to gain experience and proficient skills.