By Goth Mohamed Goth

Recently H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) named a committee conciliating the wrangles among top party echelon blamed for stalling the third ruling party convention which is already long overdue. The committee which is made up of ten members has recently demonstrated their resolve in deploying all means in the disposal in a bid to find a solution to the current internal party conflict.

The conciliating committee in their quest to find a solution to the complex problem that has engulfed the ruling party in recent times began by trying to understand the root causes and to get an insight into the matter by listen to the grievances of the individuals from both opposing sides so they resorted to what we call Shuttle “diplomacy” by acting as an intermediary between the two sides in the dispute of whom before the intervention of the conciliating committee had little or without any direct contact whatsoever. After separately consorting with both parties they succeeded in bring the warring sides to sit face to face in the same table for the first time with both sides presenting their grumbles on the table in the presence of other side.

Therefore the conciliating committee bearing in mind the importance of maintain the unity of the party and for the holding of the party’s third general convention in due time. The committee after listening to the grievances of all parties concerned and in the interest of all party’s concerned they came up with the following recommendations:-

  1.  The mandate of organizing the third party convention solely lies with the existing party executive committee  tasked  organizing the convention and that committee shall be answerable to the steering  committee
  2. In accordance with the party constitution and regulation the Steering  committee shall excesses the privilege  of having the say in choosing the four new delegates who shall be included in the executive committee tasked with organizing the third party convention
  3. If the need be arise for amending  the current party constitution then the steering  committee shall be responsible in preparing the amending the constitution of which they shall hand over the executive  committee which will in turn present the amended constitution at the party convention.
  4. Bearing in mind the importance of safeguarding and maintaining the party’s unity ,the conciliating committee has recommended that the current Chairman ,the four deputies and the secretary general shall keep their post and their position won’t be eligible for contention during the  party’s convention.
  5. The current Finance Minister Hon Abdi Aziz Mohamed Samaale will be a member of the executive committee.
  6. The new executive committee shall jointly be named by the party’s Steering committee after consulting with H.E President A.M. Mahmoud.
  7. The recently incorporated delegates who formerly aligned to Dalsan, Damal and Umadda are required to present their representatives to the party in order to take part in the upcoming convention.
  8. In keeping with party’s rules and regulations all delegates coming from the various regions will be chosen by their respective regional party officials and those at national level.
  9. The central committee delegates shall be elected during thew party’s convention as clearly stated in article #8.
  10. The party Conciliating committee shall oversee the implementation of all rules and regulations during the duration of the convention.





Chairman -Minister of Foreign Affairs



Deputy Chairman – Minster of Defence



Ali Hassan Mohamed MP   Secretary



Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport



Minister of Education and Higher Learning -Member



Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowment- Member



Director of NDC- Member



Mohamed Ahmed Obisiye – Member



Abdirahman Abu Bakar -Member



Abdillahi Jama Geel jire  – Member




  1. All are well done….that symbolizes the Govt Kulmiye party's significances
    which always comes out triumphant and remains on top of all problems
    of whatever. The Kulmiye party is leading well and good. KUDOS.

  2. plzzzzzzzzzzzz add another term to hon president till finished infrastructures plans and contract and to retify the interior problems !!!!!!!!!!!