By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Ambassador to Kenya Dr. Mahmoud Abdillahi Jama(Sifir)today speaking to state owned media outlet gave an in-depth briefings why the government of Kenya plans to open a full Embassy in Somaliland.

The Envoy said, “Our first priority is providing follow up and support to various problems facing Somaliladers and our Counselor offices in Kenya also provide Visa services and has managed to comply with guidelines which are essential for provide assistance and services to Somalilanders living in that country and also to Kenyan expatriates working and doing business in Somaliland this actions have prompted plans the Kenyan government to open a full Embassy.

“Both nations stand to benefit immensely by doubling the existing commercial exchange in the coming years and developing mutual relations in the field investment we now have a moment of opportunity to build stronger ties at all levels between our business worlds,” He said.

Dr. Safir lastly said, “Somaliland stands to gain by expanding the operations of its Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya this because of the close proximity and access to the regional head offices of most international organizations, foreign embassies and East African regional bodies based there.

Somaliland and Kenyan government officials have meet in the past to discuss ways to enhance both diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries.



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  3. Whatever there are to establish between Somaliland and Kenya cordial bilateral good
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    establish in his capacity as diplomatic envoy for the GOSL in Kenya.