HARGEISA, 10 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – It seems that we (Somalilanders) are naïve, trusting, blindly peace loving people and tend to see the world in terms of black and white, but at some point we have to realize that too narrow of view point can be self-defeating. We need to regroup, assess our priorities and decide what is worth devoting our time and energy to and what can and must be ignored, at least for the time being. What is worth devoting our time and energy to, is building our country and the future our children. What we have to ignore is finger-pointing at each other and creating division among us at this crucial time and a turning point of our political life.

Riyaale expelled the Interpeace and threw out the voter’s registrations because he doesn’t want free, fair and observed election process by international bodies. He knows that there is no ways he could be re-elected. Thus, he wants to rig the outcome of the election. So, open your eyes and ears Somalilanders of what is going on around you. In desperation, he may seek support from none Somalilanders and give birth certificates to them. Keep a watchful eye on that. Dalka aad leh, dantaada weeye inuu hagaago.

Riyaale has no programs or mandate on what changes he is going to make and why he should be re-elected. He only wants the perks and the privileges of power, but he is not qualified for the job of the head of state. Case in point, if you go to the three National parties websites to make comparisons between our politicians qualifications, you will find lists of highly educated people in both Kulmiye and UCID parties. But go to UDUB and their website does not exist. That says a lot about the qualifications and competence of the ruling party.

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Mr. Riyaale is a liability and distraction to our democratic process, to our existence, to our economic progress, and the quest for our recognition. He had dissipated our time, money, and efforts. What hasn’t been done in the seven years he has been in power is not likely to be done in the next five years. Don’t believe anything he has to say. Vote for change.

Realistically, let us ask ourselves, what has he done so far and why he deserves your vote? The answer is nothing! After seven years in power, Hargeisa is still like a ghost town, no electricity, no water, no proper roads, no health care, no jobs creation and so forth. There is sense of anger, disenchantment and despair. Like the dictator before him, our young men and women (the future of our country) are leaving the country in dangerous stowaway because they do not see a future in their own country.

Their dead bodies are surfacing on the shores of other countries while Riyaale’s children are traveling on first class airlines and attending the best schools that money can buy abroad. He works for himself and accumulates wealth, building luxurious homes and stashing public money overseas for himself. He makes public money his own and uses as he pleases for such as back door dealings, buying loyalty and votes to hold on to power.

Take charge Somalilanders. Send a message to Riyaale and to those shadowy power behind his grip on the presidency. They know who they are. We are not going to put up with them anymore. Show them the door. Vote for change.

For this election, like the previous election and voting events he will use the public money to bribe you for him to be elected. Take the money and give him the finger because it is illegal to buy votes. It is time for him to go. Show him the door and vote for change.

Codkaagu uu ku ciilin. Dalka aad leh, dantaada weeye inuu hagaago. Riyaale ma doonayno, dib u soo nogon maayo. Ku dadaal inaad siiso codkaaga ciddii dankaa leh.

Amina Ahmed Hassan
Calgary, Alberta

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  1. Sister Amina,

    I certainly thank you for your timely article. We are now ready to vote against Riyaale for the following presidential election. Having considered both the needs of the majority of Somali Landers in and out of the country, I recommend we no longer postpone this ambitious change.

    I'm eager to hear from you about this.

    Hargeisa , Somaliland

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