HARGEISA, 10 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) –- Somaliland youth across the country have been learning ways to empower themselves and develop new leadership skills this week in a one-day workshop as a part of an initiative headed by CK Consultancy Group.

The training was organised by Kaltum Osman from CK Consultancy Group, based in the UK and Somaliland Culture & Sport association (SOCSA). After visiting the centre Kaltum had identified what would be beneficial to the youth and what training they would need while she is visiting Somaliland.


The workshop was held at the  SOCSA center last week, hundreds of young boys and girls attended all aiming to gain different skills and ways to tackle different types of challenges. Part of the center’s objective was to provide a leadership platform from which to learn and grow and strengthen the community with their leadership skills. They also emphasised ways of developing ties and interacting with Somaliland youth from abroad.

The training focused on identifying the meaning of a leader, leadership and management, requirements of the Somaliland youth to become leaders all of these by giving examples of the past great leaders in the world. The trainees understood the meaning of a true leader and what he/she will need to become a one.

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Speaking to Somalilandpress, Kaltum said “young people are the leaders and future of Somaliland, they need to be empowered and equipped with life long skills, they also need to be given the chance to participate and have voice in management, development and decision making”.

“I was privileged to have this golden opportunity to work with young Somalilanders, who were amazing to work with, and I look forward to work with many more in the future” she added.

CK Consultancy Group provides, social development trainings, workshops, research (qualitative and quantitative), and project evaluations.

Kaltum Osman is Social Anthropology, as a social development research consultant, she is experienced in strategic development training, Youth leadership, mentoring and empowerment.

Source: Somalilandpress.com


  1. One step forward to the right direction i say. This is what Somaliland needs in order to move forward and have a better future.

    I hope other diaspora people will do the same and take some time from their holidays to support their people.

  2. I second your motion Cajab, Sland needs practical heads like Kaltun, we need people doing, instead of people saying it.

    Well done Ms combatant Kaltun Osman, please keep it regular as this will help the youth in our country, it will create awareness among other benifits

    The workshop has been scheduled at the right time.

    Many thanks to Kaltun Osman


    Saeed Furaa

    South Africa