By Goth Mohamed Goth

Ms. Halima Awad, mother of nine children have for the third day in a row spent the cold and wet nights in the open after their house caught fire in the middle of the night.

The family who has been living over the years in the Abeeye suburb of Hargeisa lost their humble home due to an electricity faulty wiring.

As the elderly Ms. Halima Awad tears in her eyes elaborated what happened that fateful night to our reporter said, “In the midst of the night, I woke up, half suffocated, the roof of home was ranging in blaze, I ordered my eldest daughter to evacuate everyone and not take anything though our home was full of many memorabilia’s.

“One of my sons is mentally unstable; he can’t maneuver on his own his bedridden, Not to mention those ours of vulnerable and poor ones of whom I am responsible thence my plea for assistance and in this case from the government, whatever happened to us was a calamity. Only Allah saved us, our neighbors and the young man who is currently being held in custody.

Ms. Halima Awad, the mother of nine children is pleading with the government of Somaliland, fellow Umma-Tul-Muslim, well-wishers, Somali landers from all walks of life, neighbors to assist them in rebuilding their cherished home or whatever left of it.