By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-Somaliland First Lady Amina Sheik Mahmoud Jirde was among dozens of dignitaries attending a one day meeting meant to discuss and find ways of upgrading the standards of education in Salahley district, held at Hotel Star.

The First lady speaking at the one day event said, “I personally feel so honored to be among you here today because we the citizens of this country have much to learn from the people of Salahley who have in the past achieved much on their own through community initiated self-help projects government of President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo is committed to initiating development projects across the country.

“Our future lies with the foundation which we lay for them today and one of those pillars is investing in early child education which may determine their future status and who knows some of them will be the future Presidents, ministers tomorrow that’s why we must invest in education and well-being,”Amina Weris said.

The Minister of Education and Higher Zam Zam Abdi Aden also speaking at the function said, “The Ministry of Education has in past done its best to elevate the education standards in Salahley and other regions in the country  although more is needed to be done we are trying our best.

Also speaking at the event was Mr. Ali Ibrahim Mohamed (Ali Sanyare) the former Minister of National Planning and who is the current chairman of the committee tasked with the construction of Hargeisa –Salahley Road lauded the efforts of the current Minister of Education Madam  Zam Zam Abdi Aden for her relentless efforts in elevating education standards in Salahley region and all over the country



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