Above Prof. Ahmed I Samater Addressing Somaliland Diaspora in Ottawa

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Ottawa-Prof. Ahmed I Samater has this week addressed Somaliland Diaspora living in the city of Ottawa, Canada where he was invited as a guest of honor in a one meeting whose theme was “Somaliland Sovereignty and the making of a successful future” intended to discuss and identifying the main challenges facing  the country quest for International Recognition and to find suitable avenues of pursuing recognition from the international community, 23 years after the country broke away from the rest of Somalia.

The deputy speaker of Somaliland National Assembly Hon Baashe Mohamed Farah who is currently in Ottawa, Canada briefed the diaspora on the current  situation in Somaliland and of the  strides made in the country

Prof Ahmed Samater speaking at the event said, “Tyranny, inequality and social injustices were the main reasons which prompted the disgruntlement of Somaliland citizens hence the decision to withdrawal and revoke the union on the basis of self – determination and regain independence.

The academician cum politician went on to say, “It’s now 23 years since the union with Somalia was dissolved but still Somaliland has not attained its rightful place in the among nations is due to Somaliland inability to persistently lobby for its recognition in the international arena is another challenge, therefore, to attain recognition depends on how Somaliland will deal with the matter in the right way and by selecting the right people for the task and how it will employ the right approaches through budget allocations of a least $10 Million for lobbying campaigns which will likely lead to international recognition.

Prof Ahmed Samater added, “Although Somaliland has fulfilled the criteria of statehood, there is more to be done in order to attain International recognition, there are many factors challenging its quest for recognition both locally and internationally and it’s this impediments we must deal with in the first place.

“To must make sure that the problems, challenges and threats presently facing the nation are identified and addressed such as the issue of equal representation of all clans living in Somaliland at all levels of government and to make sure that the mistakes of the past aren’t repeated we need to put the most suitable and sustainable solutions which are contemplated, presented and agreed upon all,” he said.

The politician addressing the forum also touched on the issue of unequal trade worth $450 Million that exist between Ethiopia and Somaliland of which neighboring Ethiopia exports $300 Million of the in   form of Khat which has being having adverse effects on the local economy because Khat chewing persons are said to use more than half of their domestic budgets on khat, but few perceived this as a waste of resources not to forget its impact on the health of Somaliland citizens.

Prof Ahmed I Samater later sang “CIDNA EERSAN MAAYEE” while paying tribute to the late King of Somali Music at the event.DSC_0414_JPG

Lastly Prof Ahmed Samater said, “It was so saddening to see Somaliland government reluctance in helping late Somali Musician Mohamed Suleyman Tubec seek medical treatment unlike SFG which willing stepped in to pay all his medical bills abroad but what’s so hurting it’s to see his burial taking place in Mogadishu contrary to his last wishes which were for him to be buried in his birth place in Sahil region.



  1. This old man lost his mind, he run for president of greater Somalia and now he is for separation. I guess I will respect his choice since I believe in the individual freedom. He is free to say whatever he wants and go to wherever he wishes and run for president of any place, but his credibility is in question.