By Goth Mohamed Goth

The First Lady Amina Sheik Mahmoud Jirde was among dignitaries marking the commemoration of 8th March 2014, an international woman Day 2014 held at Mansoor Hotel last night.

Somaliland First lady Amina weris speaking during the event said, “I am glad to take this opportunity to salute women around the world, I would also like to use this opportunity to salute my fellow women in Somaliland who have sacrificed so much and who are today the backbone of this nation.

“I am happy see this year International Women’s day theme “Equality for women is progress for all” which that reminds us to review and remind ourselves how women aren’t treated equally and don’t have the same chances as their men partners have”, the First Lady said.

Amina weris addressing participants at last night event said, “Women in Somaliland have also assumed a critical role in the progress of the national democratization and peace building process and as this year’s theme translates new equality branding campaign, in which men in this country should play a leading role in speaking out against the inequalities faced by women and girls.

“If I may take this opportunity to address the issue of quote women in this country are significantly underrepresented in terms of political participation. I also point the reason of the under representation out that because women were not included in the drafting of the constitution, no special protections for them exist within the current legislative framework

The first ladyadded,” Our President of Somaliland has on several occasions refer the matter and we do request him to follow up on the draft quota for women and the Minority groups, which was sent to the House of Representatives in order to identify the impediments facing it and ensure its passage.

“We (women) urgently call on the national law making institutions to review the national laws and support the women and Minority group agenda and cause. We expect at the minimum the law making institutions of this country, to open a legal debate on the issue and explore possible solutions instead of rejecting it categorically. There are many legal pathways that can be deployed to support the legitimate rights of the women, if the meaning, intentions and the spirit of the national laws are genuinely and justly interpreted. But the debate should be opened first”, the First lady said.

“Lastly I would like to appeal to my fellow women to assume their role in the development nation building process and us you’re aware we need to build roads in this country in order to initiate much needed development in the vast region of Sanaag which is the largest region in Somaliland”, she ended.


  1. Heartwarming to see Somali girls and women who look like and dress like, well Somalil women. This alone is worth the celebration of the World Womens' day. It is a small defiance of our country''s cultural murderr by the Salafi/Whabbi movement.

    Next stop: boycott weddings where men and women are kept separate. they are a sinister vehicle of cultural vandalism. Your grandmothers and great grandmothers and great great great garnadmothers did not attend uni-gender weddings.

    After that: Organise the kind of joyous mass visit to Heis and Maydh to visit Sheikh Ishaq's grave. And sheikh samaroons's and Jebertis and sheikh isse and Bucur bacyary and Yusuf Al-Kwneing qwho introduced alif la kordhebay.

    In other words be Muslim, Black, African proud somalilanders again. Not some stomach-turning hybrid of afghan/Saudi/abeed/Belushi negro Asiatic wannabees. Yuck. Ilaah nagama dhigo. Ameen