By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi flanked by bthe director general in the ministry Mr. Omer Abdullah Aden today embarked on an inspection tour of the ongoing work of the second phase of construction a 1.2 km of runway extension being added to recently renovated 2,466M runaway, installation of lighting system for night landings as well a 70 KM security perimeter fence and aircraft hangars at the Egal international airport.

In Press Statement issued by the official spokesperson in Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Mr. Saddam Mohamed Ahmed read as follows:

The purpose of the inspection tour by high level ministerial team led by the Minister of Civil Aviation was to inspect the progress made on the ongoing construction work of the second phase expansion project and to get firsthand information from representatives of the Kuwaiti fund who are overseeing the construction work and engineers from the CHINO HUNO GROUP who are tasked with implementing the expansion of the runaway work and the building of new aircraft hangars.

The existing length of the apron at the Egal international airport which is 1410M will be extended 100 x 50 meters in order to accommodate several aircrafts. For the safety and security of the passengers the Airport terminals and the Airport property the apron area will be  expanded so the aircrafts can park away from the terminal and maneuver easily around the apron without damage to terminal property or the aircraft itself.

Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi speaking during the inspect ion tour said , “When the current government came to power the Egal airport was classed as class2 runaway by ICAO  but now its class 7 runaway and when its finally completed it will be Class 10 runaway.


  1. Go Go Go Somliland, last visit to Hergesa for me was through Barbara Airport, Inch Allah by December
    will land at E gal Airport bless his soul. my gratitude to the State,

  2. Well done Somaliland. And thank you to our brothers and sisters in Kuwait who helped us build this.

  3. Look at how he is wagging his finger!! That speaks volumes about his ignorance. Hashi the mastermind of Somaliland airport loots shall be brought to justice by the next Somaliland government. Only Wadani can restore justice and self-respect of government employees.

    W A D A N I

  4. I wander, how come Djiboutienne and somliland, states men never initiate public discussion, on federalism,
    between the tow nation, concern citizen of both,