The Speaker of the national Assembly and the chairman of Waddani Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdillahi Cirro has urged the current government to hold a free and fair elections in the country when the time comes.

The Speaker also urged the media and members of the public to shun talk of the possibilities of an extension of the current government tenure at the same time strongly warning the KULMIYE government not to extend by even one day and that elections should be held in time.

The chairman of WADDANI and party’s Presidential favorite said the remarks while speaking at a recent event organized by party supporters held in the UAE where he was visiting. Hon Abdurrahman Cirro said, “We in Somaliland are lucky to have the Guurti who we always turn too when complex political problems arise unlike our fellow Somali neighbors. The speaker went on to applaud the maturity of the house of elders (Guurti) and for their intervention which was crucial in solving the recent parliamentary deadlock.

Hon Abdurrahman Cirro went on to say, “The current government of KULMIYE and President Silanyo came to power through our votes and we would like to see this government term in office to end in peace and they should on their part make sure that a free and fair election take place as promised by President Silanyo who has pledged that his administration will hold election in due time and without delay , therefore we once again urge from now on the media and public should refrain from spreading such rumors.


  1. If any one of the other Somaliland presidential candidates can generate arithmetical progression then Cirro can fashion a geometric leap.

      • Cirro, the next president, warning us against the potholes of extending current government's term.

        W A D A N I
        “A STATE OF MIND”

      • What a retarded question no one can predicted death. Death is reserved for Allah. Whether you are healthy 20 years old or 100 old.

        • While Allah determines death, human beings can use probability to predict. Probability just gives likelihood and is not determinate by any means. I was told by an statistician the probability Siilaanyo can die within his term limit is 90% using ((1+.08)**(2*20))/2. It makes a good sense given his health issues, age and whiskey guzzling.

          • Abdi,
            Are you sick:? it is evident that you hate the current president for whatever reasons. But stop this none senses. What does 86.4 represent? Death is secret . Explain your math other than order of operations for elementary

      • Listen Ina A. Boodhle, stop your bullsh*t and be ashamed! No more hiding behind the screen.

  2. Corruption is a weapon of mass destruction. We need war on it. Hon Cirro is the only one who can do that.

  3. any body could die any time. Even those who have reached the helm of their age are at the most risk of death, including those who have underlining health condition. The current Somaliland president, Mohamed Ahmed aka Siragno, has already hit the 80s age. he also suffers from severe health condition. it is rumoured his life style and extensive usage of alcohol have had their impact. it will be a matter time before he drops and pose a serious risk of power struggle within the government. I wonder what alternative he has put in place in the event of his death, illness and incapacity. I don't know we are prepared to accept the reality of the human nature and plan ahead in such circumstance. Many of us cite a religious point of argument making us not to pre plan in such circumstance. I have nothing against the religion. However, I am against any lame excuse to use religion to advance some personal interest. Islam religion is one of the most accommodating religion in the world. Nevertheless, some scrupulous individual are using it to advance their agenda.
    have you recently read/heard Al shababa's leader, Ahmed Godane's pleas to Somali people? he was heard of saying that Ethiopian and Kenya's intention to divide Somalia by the direct support of America. We knew that Ethiopian and Kenya have never had any other objective than divide and weaken strong Somali that pose serious threat to their national security. But we did not know the role of your organisation within the interest of these two countries. There is a rumour that Al Shababa is created and remotely controlled by these two countries. Al shababa have contributed signgificantly for the strength of Ethiopian and Kenyan government. The Ethiopian government use Al Shababa as a political card game to influence the western countries. It claims that it fights against the international terrorism. It has been recognised as one of the frontline state against terrorism. The Al Shababa organisation in an effort that completely collide with the Ethiopian objective attack Somali civilian and civil infrastructure alienating the whole Somali population. Al shababa has sent the Somali people hope to establish a viable state through drainage by serious miscalculations in the past.