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Minister of foreign Affairs and International Affairs Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis and Ambassador Sulub Hussain, Somaliland’s Representative in Norway, met in Oslo(first picture) and Minister Yonis also met Oslo Mayoral candidate Raymond Johansen (second picture).

Norwegian Parliamentarians Hekki Holmas and Slyvi Graham
Norwegian Parliamentarians Hekki Holmas and Slyvi Graham


The Somaliland Foreign minister during the meeting with the Norwegian parliamentarians discussed ways the two countries can strengthens relations between Somaliland and Norway’s Parliament’s, development support and other matters regarding potential bilateral trade issues.

The SL Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis then traveled to Geneva, Switzerland where he met high levels officials at UNHCR including Mr. Valentin Tapsoba, Regional Director of UNHCR’s Africa Bureau and his team (third photo).

Hon Bihi discussed the issue of Yemen refugee crisis and its impact on Somaliland, increasing support to how Somaliland should manage the increasing numbers of refugees and IDPs, and expanding UNHCR’s operations in Somaliland.