unnamed-14-600x350By Goth Mohamed Goth

Attempts by Somaliland government and elders to end the ongoing inter clan contention and to reconcile the two communities in Taleeh,Haysimo district seem to bearing fruits.

The skirmishes between the two warring clans broke out on last week but tensions are still running high.

The mediation delegation led by the Minister of Water Resources and which includes the Governor of Maroodi Jeh region, MPs, local elders have hinted that there are nearing to find a solution which will end the animosity between the two feuding clans in Taleeh town.

Elders of two warring communities showed inclination to reconciliation through a series of meetings and expressed their readiness to reach a settlement to end the long running animosity.

“Some vested elements were stoking war among tribes to stop them from uniting and fighting for their rights”, Mr. Salax Haji Ali Shire, a local elder said.

Somaliland Army units were last week deployed to quell deadly fighting which broke out on Tuesday between the two warring clans in Taleeh district which is situted 180 KM south of Las Anod.

Somaliland Army units were deployed in the area to deter further violence and also stop elements whose action was bent on reigniting fresh bloody inter-clan fighting between the two communities who have been staying in peace.