After Both Sides Approve the Recommendations Made by Guurti

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The current parliamentary impasse has been finally solved after the nearly two weeks of political uncertainty this after to the intervention of the house of elders and President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud today.

All parties welcomed the recommendations made by committee drawn from the house of elders and led by Haji Abdi Hussein Yusuf “Abdi Waraabe” and in the presence of H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo, Speaker of Parliament Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah, Deputy Speakers Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah and Hon Ali Yusuf during today’s meeting which took place at the Presidency.

H.E. President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud “Silanyo” is today lauded welcomed the decision by the committee holds the mantle of unity in his hands and he is responsible leading the way in finding a solution to the problem that is of national interest so as to avert creating further division among the people of Somaliland.

The two opposing groups failed to reach a compromise hence the collapse of the talks last week aimed to find a solution to the current parliamentary impasse with both sides accusing each other for the breakdown of the talks.

The two leaders of the two opposing sides separately briefing the press last Sunday admitted that they had failed to reach a final comprise and they shall refer the matter back to the house of elders for further consultations and deliberations.

The Recommendations are as Follows:

1.       That the vote needed to ouster the Speaker and the two Deputies will be 42 votes.

2.        No motion to ouster the Speaker and the two Deputies will be tabled.

3.       The House of Parliament shall go into recess



  1. This is what is as known as adult supervision. The Guurti proved themselves that they great, and we must be grateful.

    Why should we be grateful? Being grateful makes us positive, happy and optimistic; it helps us see the bright side of life, the possibility that can bring and pull the nation together. It teaches us the art of appreciation. Some believe that we lack in spirit of gratitude because we take things for granted.

  2. Good news for every somalis! You can't buy peace, those who tried hard they are great, god bless forever.

  3. Where the hell are those who were against Cirro? Who thought that there is no power behind Cirro? They must realize now that bribes cannot even do anything where power is there. Hirsi Gaab and his likes must know that they can only wear the shoe that fits them.

    • Neero: This was the result of Eroh's superior leadership skills guided by diplomatic tact, 8 years of peaceful parliamentary experience and problem solving. This shows warlord Siilaanyo's confrontational leadership coupled by conniving tactics using the public's purse can not silence democracy of parliament while Eroh is at the helm. This is a failure on Siilaanyo's part and a successful repulsion by Eroh's studios and pragmatic diplomacy. Again Wadanis chairman has shown us it takes a leader to solve problems. That is why we should support Wadani "A state of mind" to secure a proven leadership for the nation.
      I am encouraging everybody to join the revolution and help create a state of mind with Wadani.

      • Abdi,

        There are diseases that have no cure. Inferiority complex is one, hate is still another, There is no doubt that Cirro is the most decent, honest, capablle, skilful and influencial politician in Somaliland, and that Wadani party is gaining the moment day after day, but those people who are suffering from these above diseases are a bunch of scared people. Sacred of what? You know the answer, Mr Abdi.

  4. In politics, disagreements do happen all the time but if the guiding principle is disagreeing within the confines of the national interest, the actors are more likely to find compromises. They have proven as always that indeed it's the national interest that is the guiding principle.

  5. It's good news and triumphant conclusion to every Somalilander who cares so much about the well-being of his country, however, certain individuals that I have been seeing their unpatriotic comments on this website since the outbreak of the now resolved dispute will never be happy at all.

  6. It is because of these kind of leadership, Somaliland proofed to the rest of the world, why it deserves recognition.They always find ways to solve their political problems by compromising and looking for what is best for Somaliland and its people instead of what is best for an individual.
    May Allah bless Somaliland and its people forever! Amen!

  7. The parliament members seem to be a bunch of demagogues whose main goals are to stay in power and earn fat salaries at the expense of their constituencies. Most of them are uneducated or semi-educated with no legal knowledge of how to deliberate and legislate. For a bright democratic system of governance, Somali land needs its educated jobless youth to replace the old tribal guard occupying the parliament, the cabinet of ministers, and the leaders of the political parties.

  8. Though it is a win- win situation for all, it is ironic though that Cirro didn't accept same solution perceptively put forward by Awdal parliamentarians.