1. Civil war for Somalia also ended long ago not counting terrorists. She is clueless and relies useless person feeding her lies about Somalia/somaliland affairs.

  2. The truth is westerners branded SL methods as "backward", hence all the conferences in western owned hotels whether they be in Kenya or Ethiopia. Just pure racism is the reason why the west wants to resolve Zoomalia problem in their own demented ways.

    The other problem I have with them is the constant need to "eliminate al-shabaab". This group of riff-raff are Somalis, and anybody wanting to eliminate them have to eliminate Zoomalians first. These UN sponsored countries whose aim is noting but "eliminating al-shabaab" should have been taken to courts for war crimes. And that is exactly what they do everyday whether they bomb certain areas, cities or towns or causing traded blockades between people of the land.

  3. The answer plain and simple: Somalilanders have evolved with the world world dynamics, Somalis wasted their valuable time and effort of hating Somaliland.