Yusuf Gaboose

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The owner and founder of Haatuf and Somaliland Times Mr. Yusuf Abdi Gaboobe and the chief editor Ahmed Egge have today appeared before a Hargeisa court for the mentioning of the libel case filed by top government officials.

Judge Feisal “Dhago Dhago” the chief magistrate of Hargeisa district courts read the charges to the accused today in front of a packed court of which the accused plead not guilty to all charges leveled against them.

The court also heard the testimonies of the Minister of Interior Hon Ali Mohamed Waran Cade and the Minister of Energy and Mineral Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh who took the stand to give evidence in the libel case.

The chief magistrate Feisal “Dhago Dhago” remanded the Haatuf duo for seven day until their next hearing.  

The Somaliland authorities temporarily closed the premises of the paper nearly one month after court warrant after charges were filed against the paper by ministers against which he carried a slanderous campaign solely meant to irreversibly damage their personal and


  1. ….the article did not finish? Anyway I have hubnge amounts of respect for brother Gaboobe for setting hatuf and Somaliland times and running them at a loss fotr so long. However, he has ben, sadly I have to say, doing what the rest of the filth thatb calls themselves Somaliland media has ben doing: reporting libelous articles without following the most basic tenets of responsbile journalism like doubel sourcing, right to reply, corroboration, evidence-based investigative reporting. Why he did this to himself and his reputation is beyond me.
    Lets see how he defends himself in court. Because evidence for his allegations will be sought and I believe he has none.

    • Thanks Kabocalaf for your houghtful comments. Gaboobe has been doing this for the last 20yrs and it is about time somebody took him to court. I congratulate those courageous public servants to take him to task. In his insane mind he has been lying for so long he is believing his own lies. He is defintely due foe weight loss, I hope they put him away and throw away the keys forever. This cancer has to be contained and recognize the real journalist who doesn’t belive in lies.

  2. Haatuf and Yusuf Gabobe are the pillars of Somaliland’s media. This case is going to damage Somaliland’s reputation. Prominent international media orgs and others who are interested in Somaliland’s affairs have voiced their objection to the illegal closure of Haatuf and other media orgs.

    All the Gov had to do was say dismiss the allegations from the newspapers and prove otherwise. Closure of media orgs and jailing journalists will damage Somaliland’s reputation and democracy aspirations.

    Previous Gov have jailed Haatuf’s journalist Yusuf Gabobe and now this Gov. What does that say about Somaliland’s democracy and recognition. It is ironic that the Gov is entertaining delegates from Mogadisho while Somaliland’s Veteran journalists are in prison with terrorist criminals. This goes beyond common sense.

    • It shows the enemies and the rest of the observing world that Somaliland is run by weak trolls who can’t stand the test of the times. They are afraid of an unarmed man who is equipped with no more than a truthful pen, nothing more. If these people are non corruptible as one guy put it, then why not prove the truthful Mujahideen wrong by talking to the public to deny and come out clean of these accusations instead of hounding the people like gangsters, and trying to gag the mouths will not work and the real Somalilanders who fought and spilled blood for freedom and endured the hardships over a decades will not tolerate this dirty games by few cruel and corrupt politicians for long. To those who are lionizing and trying to defend these unpatriotic actions by the government, you are encouraging the corruption and disentgration of in your

  3. Those who say they loss respect for the Great Mujahid Mr. Yusuf Gaboobe and those who hope that he fails in defending himself will soon be shamed because they chose to side with the corruption and nepotism. Guys you’re real shame on us and you’re totally out of the line. You defend your corruption and tribalism and feel threatened when a brave man like Gaboobe dares to love and fights for his beloved Somaliland and not for a few shillings. You have no history and he has a clean and brilliant one. He has fought for his country from day one, from the inception of the SNM todate and he’s not going to give up, neither will we, and if those cowards who fear the pen and do not want the truth to be told will go down soon Inshallah. Do you want him to keep his mouth shut like a coward when these cheap salesmen are selling our country? what was this energy minister doing lately? did he not admit to the theft of the funds meant for the recognize Somaliland campaign? Let them come clean on this first if they want to imprison and terrorize the real patriots, and rest assured we’re not going to abandon our hero, never.