Sunta AyaxaBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Agriculture Prof. Farah Elmi Mohamed Geedole  speaking today said “The country is reeling against the fear of impending locust infestation getting out of control and wreaks havoc on agricultural lands in SL and that the Ministry of Agriculture urgently mobilized ministerial locust control teams to those areas which have being drastically affected by the latest locust infestation.

Prof Geedoole speaking to the media during a press conference held at the ministry headquarters today said, “As you’re all aware of locust have already damaged farm and pasture lands in Eeldaraad and Lughaya have already dispersed two from the CLS and DLCC teams to the most affected farming areas in a bid to spray pesticides areas where the insect have been breeding.

 “We have established two offices one by the ministry and the other on is been FAO which are currently coordinating their efforts with Desert Locust control center in Rome , Italy and Addis Abba to monitor and counter the spread of the infestation”, He Stated.

Prof. Geedoole said, “We also think window of using airborne capabilities are over considering the problem now affects the pasturelands now but we are confident we shall come up with ways to deal with this problem.

The Agriculture Ministry and DLC teams are  currently spraying the insects in those areas using chemicals that are not anyway harmful neither pose danger to both animals and Human beings and are effective in curbing the infestation.

The director general Mr. Abdullah Ismael Farah also speaking said, “The Ministry of Agriculture has in the past and will also in the future work in partnership with the FAO and DLC in the fight against the scourge.