Somaliland Foreign Minister during a Press Briefing moments before the SL delegation flew out the country

By Mustafa Abdi Ibrahim

A high level Somaliland delegation which is expected to  represent the nation at the upcoming talks left the country today headed for neighbouring Addis Abba, Ethiopia where there are expected to stay until the 15/1/2014 before for departing for Ankara, Turkey.

The delegation itself comprises of several cabinet ministers and MP’s but without the representatives of the two official opposition parties hence the absence of an inclusive and broad-based national committee and also which shows the lack of national consensus on the upcoming talks with the current government going its own way and the opposition parties accusing the government of lacking a clear agenda on the talks.

The FM also went on to say, “The government is the solely responsible for the talks and that it has the blessing of both the house of parliament and the house of elders and whatever emerges from the talks will be presented before the Somaliland public and that what we aim to achieve from this talks is a two state solution which will finally result to the full independence of Somaliland.

“The road ahead of us is not an easy one and might even take some time, as we all know it has been more than 24 years now since we broke away from the failed union with Somalia and since that time many things have changed so we have to sit down with them (Somalia) in order to listen to their demands and for us(Somaliland)to present ours which will lead both parties to finding solutions which will finally determine the future status as two states”, Hon Bihi stated.

Somaliland had a long tradition of popular public participation, negotiations and consensus building in all important national issues. In line with this tradition, the Somaliland government has failed to establish a mechanism for popular national consultations that would allow the participation of all sectors of the Somaliland society, particularly, the Non State Actors that include Civil Society Organizations, historians, lawyers, traditional, media and religious leaders, intellectuals with relevant expertise and other sections of the society.

Hon Mohamed Bih Yunis before departing said, “The delegation will spend their time in Addis Abba preparing team for the task ahead; to prepare the important points which Somaliland negotiator team will need in the upcoming negotiation meetings between Somaliland and Somalia.

The current delegation as it stands clearly shows that it consists of small fraction of Somaliland politicians, who may have self-serving political agenda and interests and whose legitimacy as leaders and representation is questionable such as the KULMIYE MP Mr.  Ahmed Abdi Kijandhe.

The lack of close consultation with the official opposition parties and the Non state Actors, who are one of the main pillars of the Somaliland society in order to seek guidance and advice on these sensitive negotiations with Somalia calls into question the legitimacy of the decision by the current government.

A wide section also raised concern about the legitimacy, representation and objectives of the potential negotiating partners in federal government of Somalia who are yet to be named due to the delay in formation of a  new government by the newly appointed PM Abdi Weli of Somalia.

Leaders of the two official opposition parties have termed the talks as sham and are doomed to fail.





  1. What lack of National consensus is the report talking about.
    The GOSL together with the SL both lawmakers are negotiating with the FGS
    as the FM Hon. Bihi already explained. Wake up are way off hook
    in your reporting attitudes.

    • Have the Ethiopians not sent you a whole contingent to get you sorted? Not only them, but also your bantu brothers to colonise you?

  2. The writer of this article is exaggerating on this issue. Somaliland has one elected government, it's the sole representative of its people until it losses that authority by popular vote. And any one else who says otherwise, is self-serving individuals who want their names or pictures to appear on front pages of Somaliland media or other media.

    We the Somaliland people feel confident that we are fully represented at this upcoming talk, those who were not happy about those who represent us have a personal agenda which is different from what the people of Somaliland wants.

  3. When authorities of any nation goes into the hands of unskilled and untalented people, anything can happen. Hirsi Gaab and others of his own stuff cannot handle Somaliland aspiration. Politics has many more puzzles than anyone might imagine. "The delegation will spend some time in Addis to pick up the important points", said somaliland foreign minister. What does this show? It shows unpreparedness, it shows lack of coherence, it shows no previous proper references and written points, it shows a lust for luxuriating public money without feelings. The intelligence of leadership is matched by its morality. It is the asbsence of this quality that disguishes Siilaanyo's politics.

    • @ Kuluc you hit the nail right in the head, They are unprepared and unskilful for the task a head, why even bother and go all the way to Turkey when they really know that the side representing Somalia will ask them to back down and stop these noises succession, He said two State solution, really? what is he smoking? may be you can answer that mr Kuluc since you are from that part of the world.

  4. The President is the authority and responsible for the policy-making of Somaliland and he has the constitutional right to include or exclude whoever he wants. In no place does the constitution say that the opposition parties have a role in the policy-making of the country.

    Faysal is no longer a party leader, since he announced that he doesn't respect the Somaliland constitution and has his own connections with the Somalia team. He is a traitor and deserves to treated as such.

  5. The Government of Somaliland was elected democratically by its people and such has full rights to include and exclude whoever they seem fit as does any government in the world. THIS IS THE TIME FOR SOMALILANDERS TO BE UNITED AS WE TALK WITH OUR NEIGHBOURS RATHER THAN CRITICISING EVERY LITTLE MISTAKE WE SHOULD LEAVE INTERNAL POLITICS AND THINK OF THE FUTURE OF SOMALILAND WHICH WILL BE DECIDED IN THESE UPCOMING TALKS.

  6. The government's position is well known, it is a two state solution. Can anyone tell me the position of the opposition parties? is it different from that of the government? If not what is their problem then?

  7. All in all, the up coming talks between the government of Somalia and replies of Somalia (somaliland) will continue for long time because isaaq replies are not ready now to accept the unity of somalia So, its compulsory to force isaaq (faqash).

      • I am surprised I have never seen a Walweyn talking rational. First of all These people should understand there is nothing between us. We did not colonize, and you did not colonize. You need to put your house in order and stop begging the Jadheedh Uganda, Burundi and other. Sir go to school, read the history books and make something of yourselves. I know you are still figuring out for all almost quarter of a century

        This walweyn dream in the day, real human dream at night. Where you get the power. I am Gadaboursi, and

  8. The Government has been elected to represent the country why on earth anyone want to bring along the worthless Faisal Ali Waraabe & the indecisive Abdirahman Cirro?

  9. I just wanna know how long was Somaliland a country before it join the union….june 26 to July 1… That’s 5 days…wat country is considered a country for 5 days..WAKE THE [censored] UP..TALK FOR A BETTER UNION..THIS GOVERNMENT NEED TO STOP TEACHING HATE TO THE YOUTH…WORST THINGS HAPPEN ON EARTH THEn ISSAQ DYING

    • Answer = Idiot wanlaweyn – I know you don't read genuine history books, but if you have any intellect for grasping how the world politics operate, African borders date back to 1884. Somaliland became independent in 1960, like your bantu country did in the same year. Do your calculation again and come back to us with questions that make sense, you silly stone head.

      • Really that’s the best answer..u prove nothing only country on earth to claim to b country for 5 days..Somaliland

        • This autistic bantu writes "u prove nothing only country on earth to claim to b country for 5 days…Somaliland". Like his ilk he is really suffering from autism. To help you out are you saying wanlawayn is a country wanting to be a colony?

  10. Lets bomb this qaldaamin traitors instead of talking to them like we did years ago.. there is no use of talks..these god-less heathens understand nothing but FIRE..filthy drunkards..grass chewing trash qaldaan should be wiped out and the land recaptured from this savages..nacalaa qaldaan ku yale.

    • If you dare to bomb our country. What do you think will happen. Dou you have the intellectual capacity to understand what We are more powerful, more educated, more wiser, and If you do that we will defeat you, and then this time conquer you and colonize you