The variety of Services TELESOM offers to its Customers on Display at the Business Fair

By Goth Mohamed Goth

TELESOM one of the leading telecommunication companies in Somaliland has once again unveiled the latest services called the “Facebook Offline Mobile” which will now enable Telesom subscribers to use the app to access their Facebook and twitter accounts without to internet connection during the 6th Somaliland Business Fair.

talaabo telMr. Mohamed Darbo

The head of Marketing and Public Relations department Mr. Mohamed Abdi Ahmed ”Darbo” said “Most of our subscribers were  been forced to constantly search for cyber-cafés in order to read their mail or access their Facebook and twitter accounts, as it is not always possible to access internet through their phones,” he said. “With this service, users will now be able to quickly access and reply to Facebook and twitter messages through their which they can carry everywhere.”

“This new service face book and related internet applications aims for the benefit of the nations increasingly IT Savvy youths” stated Mr. Darbo

The new service is easy to use and it requires the user to send a text message by insert this two words “Sub Fbn” then you proceed by texting this message to number 400 after that you will receive an answer with three steps which will be displayed as follows:-

1.       We started to process you your registration to request.

2.       “You are now registered for FBN. The offer is valid until 2014-01-06 10:05. You were charged 70m cents”

3.       “Welcome to Facebook Notification service. Send Login<email><pass>to (400) to start receiving notification. Other available commands are HELP, LOGOUT, PASS, WALL and CHAT.

This will be followed by another message which will reads as follows, “Thank you for choosing FBN. Your data were updated .You will get another notification after the authentication in Facebook.

Mr. Darbo went on to say, “With the new service will also enables our customers to convert emails into mobile text messages which would allow Telesom users who do not have access to the Internet access to communicate more efficiently at the same time our they will be able to have full access to their, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail mailbox on the mobile without the need of internet connection whatsoever.

“The company is for the first time taking part in the business fair with a different brand name which is “TELESOM GROUP OF COMPANIES” which incorporates newly acquired businesses such as SALAAM BANK and SOMGAS ”,He said.              

Google the first major information technology company to visits Somaliland in a bid to be part of Somaliland’s booming information technology market. With the expected arrival of the fiber optic cable connection to Somaliland the country’s limited internet infrastructure is expected to attract foreign firms and now that Google has taken the lead by partnering with Telesom Somaliland’s information technology sector is sure to develop.



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  2. Is it only me who got this?

    They are asking you to send your details so they can log you in on their back servers.
    In real terms that means they have your ID and password 🙂

    I wouldn’t trust that!

    “advice from Cyber Security Consultant”