wasiirka-waxbarashaddaBy Mustafa Mohamed Farah

Minister of Education and Higher Education of Mr. Ibrahim Habane (Abdullah Dheere) threatened to cut all relations with the UNICEF for the simply reason of one of its staff questioning his judgement during the announcement of winner of the Grant of GPE on 28/11/2016.

In a letter request-for-an-apology leaked to local media outlets , purported to be written and signed by the Minister of Education in which he demand’s a full apology regarding the misconduct and unbecoming behavior of UNICEF staff Mr. Mahmuod Abdi Sh. Ahmed.

Failing to do so on the part of UNICEF , the Minister threaten to retaliate by cutting off all existing working relations with Ministry of Education and Higher Learning.

Its alleged UNICEF after considering the stakes later issued a public apology to the Minister of Education regarding the alleged behavior of its worker.