By Goth Mohamed Goth

Berbera-Somaliland Minister of Transport and Roads Abdillahi Abokor Said met today in Berbera with the administration of Sahil Region and Berbera district officials and government officials in the region.

The meeting was aimed at implementing the Somaliland President’s directive to accelerate the issuance of previously funded funding for the construction of Ceerigaabo and Burao.

The Minister met with the mayor of Sahil region and Berbera mayor Abdishakur Cidin, Mayor of Sahil province Eng. Ahmed Osman Hassan, director of Berbera water agency and other officials.

Somaliland’s Minister of Road and Transport Abdullahi Abokor, said the purpose of his trip was related to an assessment by government agencies in Sahil region who were able to pay for the completion of the Erigavo road.

He added that “We’re here to process the road-building equipment for Erigavo road which have been unloaded at the port of Berbera

I am happy to be here to thank the Chairman of the region and as Mayor of Berbera for receiving us in good faith and facilitating our bid

Berbera mayor Abdishakur Mohamud Ainin also provided details of the meeting with the Minister of Transport.

He said that the purpose of the minister visit was to collect monetary contributions from the various institution who pledged to contribute such as the Berbera local government, Berbera fuel storage facility and also those the presidential directive concerns

Eng. Ahmed Osman Hassan, the governor of Sahil region said that the ongoing process of colleting the money for the Burao and Erigavo road and checking which agencies that paid and not paid.”