The Mayor of Hargeisa  lay’s the foundation stone at the site Where the New Children Home will be Built

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Mayor of Hargeisa Mr. Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aideed has laid the foundation stone for a state of the art center which will shelter orphans, street and disabled children through donations made by Somaliland born British international track and field athlete

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony the Mayor of Hargeisa said “The new children home which will be built on these land donated by a Somaliland citizens , will be fully furnished with a school, dormitories, recreation facilities and a clinic on the premises to offer primary healthcare to the less fortunate children.

The two brothers Mr. Ahmed Ali Guled and Mr. Jama Ali Guled ,who donated the land in which the future orphanage will be build said they were happy that someone had finally come forward to help in the building of the home the two brothers went on to say they donated the land so as to improve the living conditions of less fortunate children.

“This home upon completion will make a sustainable difference that will not only make a significant impact on the lives of the less fortunate children but will also benefit the society as a whole and we hope others wealth citizens shall follow suit in donating towards the home”, Mr. Ahmed Ali Guled said.

Local Councilman Mr. Abdi Ali Yusuf who was among the dignitaries  present at the ground breaking ceremony said, “I am glad to see private citizens of this nation taking the lead in helping their fellow citizens and he also applauded the siblings for their generosity.

The donated land located in Heedho in the northern fringes KM from city center.

On the other hand the Mayor of Hargeisa revealed the Mayor of Djibouti city had pledged to assist the city of Hargeisa with garbage collection vehicles during his visit to neighboring Djibouti last week  and that the fellow Mayor of Djibouti city had will be coming to Hargeisa in May to sign a memorandum of understanding which will see the two capital partner to become twin cities.



  1. Well done,however, there should be regulations and quarterly checks by the government. Its easy for people who pray on children to set up shop in places like these that service less fortunate or orphaned children. Other than that I am glad something is being done for them, would be great if they had a site for direct donations thru paypal