The Vice chairperson of Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO Umbrella), Mr. Mustapha Mohamed Dahir has attended at an International conference with the goal of addressing international youth development issues using the method of design thinking from 9 to 16 March, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

The conference which was organized by the International Development Youth Forum (IDYF) and Japan National Youth Council with the help of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japan International Cooperation Agency with the theme of “DEVELOPMENT X INNOVATION” was attended by fifty youth delegates around the world.

During the conference, the delegates discussed youth development issues, the role of technology in reducing poverty and solutions for the major problems facing young people today, especially the problems facing young people in developing countries such as Somaliland.


SONYO Vice Chairperson, Mr. Mustapha Mohamed Dahir (pictured second right) with executive members of Japanese National Youth council

SONYO Umbrella Vice Chairperson addressing to the delegates at the conference highlighted the current situation of Somaliland youth and the current issues affecting Somaliland youth today such as; unemployment, illegal immigration and the lack of sports facilities in the country.

The participants of the conference realized the current situation of Somaliland youth and the need of international community to assist Somaliland for finding solutions to the existing problems which will not affect Somaliland alone but will also upset horn of Africa region, the Gulf of Aden and the world in general. SONYO umbrella signed the resolution of the conference on behalf of Somaliland.


Japanese National Youth council officials waving Somaliland flag

During the conference, SONYO Vice Chairperson had separate arranged meetings with the leaders of national youth councils from Canada, China, Serbia, Malaysia, India, Costa Rica and Russia. He also met with the chairman of the Japanese National Youth council where they agreed the establishment of relationship and cooperation between Somaliland and Japanese youth.


SONYO Vice Chairperson, Mr. Mustapha Mohamed Dahir in the conference hall.

Mr. Mustapha also met with two senior officials from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Mr Ikegami Kei and Mr Osawa Wataru where he gave them detailed explanation from the needs of Somaliland youth and Somaliland independence as  well.

Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO Umbrella) deems the participation of world youth conferences as a right step towards the right direction and an opportunity to present the needs of Somaliland youth in international stages to seek international support for finding solutions to challenges facing Somaliland youth.

Best Regards

Mubarak Ismail Taani

SONYO Umbrella Chairperson