Somaliland National Assembly has today passed the Somaliland national airports levy and security bill. The original national airports levy and security bill draft bill presented by the ministry of Aviation and Air transported and has seen few amendments to some of the clauses in the bill by the parliamentary Committee in charge for Economics, Investment and Trade.
The Deputy first speaker Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah Presided over today’s session in which 49 MPs out of the 82 MPs of which the house was composed were present.
The National Airport security levy bill was passed by 46 MPs out 49 MPs who were Present during the vote; 2MPs voted against the bill while 1 abstain from voting.
The Passing of the National Airport levy and security bill will be crucial to enhancement security of our national airports and from now on every passenger using our airports will have to pay a compulsory $10 levy to the National Airports Services and Handling Agency (NASHA) a private firm is responsible for collection the levy.
The Bill also empowers the ministry of civil aviation and air transport to adopt the sole responsibility of developing and modernizing of the national airports.

Goth M Goth


  1. Well done Somaliland, you never cease to amaze me. Thinking and Developing on your own. Thanks to Somaliland's smart, well educated and hardworking citizens and leadership. May God be with you always.

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