fooxleBy M.A. Egge

The deputy chief police commander Brigadier General Abdirahman Liban Ahmed aka Foohle has scoffed at media reports which purported that the Koodbur police station commander Cpt Bedel Hassan Ismael was not only sacked but has been detained.

The flimsy lies have not been shot down by the general only but Cpt. Bedel himself who wondered about where the allegations came from.

“Go to the station right now and verify it for your selves”, Brig Foohle told prying media.

“The captain is at his working station going about his duties”, he said and added, “Those allegations are pure concocted lies.

On the other hand Cpt Bedel who was contacted by our sister paper Dawan on Friday night seeking to know the allegations of having been reprimanded and jailed answered by saying,” Here I am speaking from my home having just arrived from work”.

When probed on having been interdicted as purported by a cross-section of the media, he said, “I don’t have such reports”, and stated, “I have been on duty all along”.

The new sprung from reports that opposition party chief (Wadani) who happens to be the national parliamentary speaker had visited the station to see a jailed businessman called Omar Aydeed.

As Brig Foohle’s words to the pressmen “… as I am talking to you now he is on his duty station..”, was the last nail in the coffin of the lies peddled around by our mainstream private media.