By Goth Mohamed Goth

17 January 2014

HE President Ahmed Silanyo appointed a national committee tasked with countering and preventing the country decadency into the degradation moral standards such as actions which may amount to social vice which in recent times seems to threaten our cultural and religious values.

In accordance with Article 5 of the constitution of Republic of Somaliland and in consideration of the report presented to me and prepared by the Ministry of Religious and Endowment, I hereby appoint a national committee to counter the vice and to be headed by the Minster of Religious affairs.

I do hereby order all concerned governmental agencies to use necessary measures at their disposal to counter actions which are considered inherently immoral, regardless of the legality or objective harm involved.

Article 5 of Somaliland constitution stipulates that all the laws which were current and which did not conflict with the Islamic Sharia, individual rights and fundamental freedoms shall remain in force in the country of the Republic of Somaliland until the promulgation of laws which are in accord with the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland.

Vice is often used in law enforcement and judicial systems as an umbrella for crimes involving activities that are considered inherently immoral, regardless of the legality or objective harm involved in the case of Somaliland the law regarding the issue needs to be clearly defined.

The remolding will not always produce good effects such as a dignified style of life and social stability, although it is necessary and indispensable for improving the living standards of each citizen. This is because introducing western elements into non-Western countries may sometimes cause serious friction and tension with the traditional cultures.

Members of the panel consists of

1.      Minister of Religious Affairs Chairman

2.      Minister of Home Affairs Member

3.      Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Member

4.      Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism Member

5.      Police commander

6.      Head of the National Secret Services


  1. This is the biggest joke in the history of Somaliland when the president himself is setting examples in moral as well as cultural decline which is characterized by his excessive indulgence in nepotism and corruption. This whole thing is a diversionary project made only for the purpose of creating and strengthening the Wahaabi radical religious sects that enforce the prevention of vice and promotion of virtue.

    • It is poor leadership to lead an entire region into a non-negotiable corner. The international community is not going to or entertain another little dusty, and economically nonviable clan region (beside maybe some unexploited and meagre natural resources) to have a seat at the UN. There is no case for a nation, only khat-like dreams of Somali clansmen.

      This does not even need negotiation. Even allowing to meet with them in Turkey has already aroused fantom confidence in them.

      The clan leaders of this region are failing their people by planting unrealistic expectations in their minds. Somaliland is a clan region and no self respecting nation will recognize it. Maybe, except some enterprising western oil companies who have no interest in unification of Africans. The more divided they are, the easier it is to exploit their resources. Why do you think America went to the defence of Kuwait, because they love Arabs? No, because they are preventing huge consolidation of oil resources which will mean higher prices!!

      Sadly, Somalians are so poor that there is not even foreign interest to divide them.,,

  2. Censoring my political opinion is itself a sign that you are deluding yourself. There is no case for a Somaliland nation, just a pipe dream of egotistic clansmen/warlords who fancy the title of "President"

    • Moxamad,

      Better that you leave this bad leaders alone and pray for a beautiful one that can lead you into where your future lies. Humans have a right to speak their mind and have a say in how they are ruled. We know that Siilaanyo is a bad leader but we do not have others that are better than him at this moment. The beuatiful ones will come soon. So be patient, if you are a somalilander if not, go to where you belong to.

  3. Great now we have our own version of the religious police in Somaliland W T F Somaliland stand up against this! We cannot turn ourselves into wahabi salafi nut jobs when we have come so far.

    Whatever your particular religion or sect tells you to do keep it to yourself, apply it to your own life but DO NOT enforce it on others. That is basic human rights!


      • True Somalilander

        We do indeed have our own culture and beautifil Isalm. Our culture includes: Visiting awliyaa and forefather graves like those of sheikh Isxaq, Samaron, Jeberti, Kowneyn. We have been doing it for centuries. It includes our beautiful girls wearing dirac and maqlabad and braiding their hair. It includes boys and girls dancing till dawn during spring-term all nighters fuilly approved by the parents of the daughters (Soddohey Gabadha so da). It includes Gaaf nights where grown ups leave alone unmmaried youths to chill, have fun and hopefully lead to further weddings.

        Our culture my dear boy, includes poetry of the first order, raiding camels of next door clans, balwo, Hees, dhaanto and greatest writers in africa – Bidde, Mumin. hadrawi, Shimbir, Kariye, Moge, Suggulle.

        salafists will ban all of that and replace them with qulwah(WTF is that?), minqaar, birqaan, qulfaan and tens of other dumb Wahhabi terms neither you nor I understand.

  4. Hold on a second so Somaliland has Sharia law written into the constitution? Thats just sad. Here I thought I was supporting a nation who might be muslim but has opted for a secular constitution. Time to reevaluate. Perhaps, I am more American, perhaps my values of secular humanism are not compatable with Somaliland and perhaps I have wasted my time in supporting it.

  5. Is there any logic or understanding of what appropriate governance this Dictator Silanyo could ever come upt that will improve this nation rather than take us back to Siyad Barre era? This is old dicatator should be impeached as a traitor to our aspiration and democratic goals. Religion and secular administration cannot be mixed. Religion is the relationship between the Creator and individual and should not be a part of any decent government that want to take the nation to propsperity and good governance. There are ample examples throughout history that this is a failed experiment. I do not think Silanyo has religion in his mind, except to control us in every way possible. That is the steps dictators took throughout these examples. I think Silanyo and his rogue administration are setting reasons and steps to hold to the position that he was elected for.
    Mr. Silanyo, stop the destruction of our democratic and peace loving nation and understand the inherent value of individual citizen rights and our basic freedom of expression, religion and congregation.
    I am very saddened at the small brains and illogical steps this government is forcing upon our citizens. For the other opposition parties, these steps are what will make our people against this dictratriol government and without a doubt will give a realistic opportunity for change. I, as a Somalilander already looking for the new election to kick out this ignorant bunch out.
    Inshallah our day is coming soon.

  6. Immorality can have different meaning to different people, to me it is being nice to your clan and not caring others, imposing women, young girls how to dress, not caring sick, poor and needy. Not improving health care , education, roads. Also not doing something about mass unemployment of the Somaliland youth and many more. I think we are in danger if Somaliland takes away poeple's basic human rights and tell them what to do with personal lifes. Religion and state are separate and should stay that way. Remember Al-shabaab has not fallen from sky, but it originiated individuals who believe morals are to kill and terrorise the people.

        • I didn't know there was a clan called my name. Isse Madoobe yes.
          And we never agreed on anything, i did offer to show u how it's done and u never replied back.

          • Are you joking? you must heard of them if you are Somalian! I know you did not agree with me , but how can I accept what you are going to show me , if I do not believe the myth of humans can turn into hyenas?

          • Layla reer baan xoolahoodii mid ka cunay habeen hore anoo waraabe ah, so i had good long sleep. if you agree i can show you how really.

  7. Yusuf Ali/NLander

    C'on guys! Are you advocating for the continuations of the gang rapes, the constant harassments and the day light robberies that occur daily to our women and elderly people in our streets? I fully support that these uneducated and violent gangs who behave like wild dogs in all streets of our cities to be tamed and dealt with all the necessary measures because they crossed all the barriers of human values.

    Here in UK, there are committees that enforce Anti-social Behaviour Laws and such laws has nothing to do with faiths, and this is exactly what Somaliland government has done.

    • If it has nothing to do with religion then why is the ministry of religious endowment involved? I am sorry but no the police should solve crimes that is what they are there for. If you want to address rehab for violent offenders there are ways to do that without involving religion. Religion does not reform people. In fact most who are in prison are religious while you will never find atheists or agnostics committing crimes.

  8. He who can not apply morality to his personal and politicl life, cannot enforce morality to anyone else. Moral authority is what Somaliland is missing. But where is the authority that is pious and pure? Promotiion of virtues and prevention of vices begins from the head, not from tail to head

  9. Let the regular police go after serious crimes like rape etc. Having a religious committee never solved a rape or murder case or got the preps arrested. This is only a way to force religion into peoples daily lives. Is this the price we are paying for Kuwait, UAE etc in giving us money for roads and hospitals?

    We will not be taken seriously on the world stage when it comes to recognition if we slip in to Islamic fundamentalism and repression!

  10. This is baloney! A Religious Anti-Vise Police? Ever heard of the “Mudawa'as” in Saudi Arabia. This is a precursor to creating a cruel theocracy; the initial steps towards the makings of another Wahabian Saudi Arabia.

    Already, other signs of that project are evident for all to see. Witness all those tens of thousands of mega-size Sound Amplifiers protruding from sky high minarets of mosques a few tens of meters from each other and emitting deafening shrieks masquerading as "Edaans". And the "Gadh Dheere" so-called Sheiks preaching so noisily in the early hours of the morning without respect for the feeble, the sick, the elderly, the sleeping infants or even the good Muslim who had just duly said his/her morning prayers and just wants to grab a few more minutes of sleep before he/she embarks on his/her daily life duties.

    But it will not wash. First, Somalilanders, though genuine Muslims, are not and have never been radical in their religious beliefs.

    Second, our Constitution adequately respects public decency, Islamic morals and values and does not need any further reinforcement in these matters. It also equally protects normal social and personal freedoms which, it seems, the creation of this Committee aims to curtail and infringe on.

    Just imagine an anti-vice policeman or a "Gadh Dheere" or "Toob Gaab" stopping you in the street or raiding your private abode and accusing you with immoral conduct? And who can blame a virtuous policeman or a "Gadh Dheere" or "Toob Gaab" for doing what they would say is God's work? This is a proposition which I believe Somalilanders will never accept, submit to or condone.

    Third, "Even Thou, O Brutus!" Silanyo's background and reputation has never been known to be synonymous with virtue, religious or otherwise. It is no secret that he had been hard hitting of bottle, an enthusiastic patron without abandon of seedy nightclubbing and not so unsympathetic to spending fun filled time with members of the gentler gender with whom he had no marital relations.

    If, at so advanced age, he has regained his moral bearings and modesty, well, so good for him. But for him to condescend imposing good morals—for whatever he means by that—on others is nothing less than the height of hypocrisy. Please pinch me, I need a laugh!

  11. The president is appointing a 'moral' committee? that justy proves just how complete the wahabbi salfi takeover of Somaliland is today. silanyo, no salafi himself is nonetheless forced into supporting thios Orwellian notion of upholding 'morality'.

    The most 'decadent' thing we do is chewing Qat. are these Salafi morons banning qat? No because their guru and prophet, for they follow not the Prophet of Alalh but an Arab gentleman called Ibnu Taamiya, has never heard of khat so these brain-dead Wahabbis have no view on the matter. As the kids will say there is no App for this.

    What moral decadence do we have in anation where music. love, dance, flirting, wine, geerash is all prohibited? Decadence? Where?

    • Kabacalaf,

      I think that you believe that allowing Geerah and wine is what virtually brings an inspiring happiness or hope to people, don't you? Isn't wine like the meat that God has lebelled unclean in islam? Who told you that Wahabists are in favor of Geerash and wine. I am neither a Wahabist nor a Salafi.

      • You said it all. HOW did you get that : one sentence and the the only ANSWER. "NO CALAF FOR GEERASH LOVERS".

  12. You must need the change. If you can not cope With the changes happening in Somaliland, then you must create your OWN little country someWhere in this globe, for Somaliland is moving on and change is inevitable. a Word of advice, though: Don't Hate, Debate.

  13. This step, for those who do not understand the dark history of Salafi Wahabbism, is a precursor to the full empowerment of Vice & Virtue – the hallmark of Wahanbbism. This sinister organisation, which essentially is above all other laws of the land and acts as 'God's vigilantes' on earth(more accurately Ibn tammiyah vigilantes) and basically believe they not allah(SWT), not the State, not the constitution, not the judiciary, not parliamet – they, as self-appointed moral police, decide what is 'vice' and what is 'virtue.

    they already exist in Somaliland. This step is further empowering them. The only other countries they officially exist are saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. That is how far Somaliland has gone into Salafist/ Wahabbist takeover.