By Goth Mohamed Goth

HE Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has issued a Presidential Decree # JSL/M/XERM/249-2249/012014, in which he appointed a new Governor for Togdheer region, a new Governor for Selel and a deputy Governor at the same time replacing the Governor of Selel and his deputy, filling position of the Governor of Togdheer region after the former one quit the position.

The Press Statement which released by the official Presidential Spokesperson Ahmed Saleban Dhuhul read as follows:-

In accordance with Article 90 and Article 110 of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland and the need to fill the vacant position with a qualified person for the which plays a n important role in serving our national interests.

I do hereby appoint to the following positions

1.       Mr. Mohamed Muse Diriye   to be as of today the new Governor of Togdheer region

2.       Mr. Abdirizaq Waberi Rooble to the post of the Governor of Selel region

3.       Mr. Abdikadir Aden Yusuf to the post of the Deputy Governor of Selel region.

I do hereby replace and relieve of all duties Mr. Abdillahi Farah Maydhaneas the Governor and Mr. Ali Allale Riyale as the deputy Governor of Selel with immediate effect and that they should transfer the offices in an orderly manner to the newly appointed officials.

At the same time I do hereby on behalf of the Government of Somaliland take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Governor of Selel and the deputy Governor for the servitude to the nation.




  1. It is poor leadership to lead an entire region into a non-negotiable corner. The international community is not going to or entertain another little dusty, and economically nonviable clan region (beside maybe some unexploited and meagre natural resources) to have a seat at the UN. There is no case for a nation, only khat-like dreams of Somali clansmen.

    This does not even need negotiation. Even allowing to meet with them in Turkey has already aroused fantom confidence in them.

    The clan leaders of this region are failing their people by planting unrealistic expectations in their minds. Somaliland is a clan region and no self respecting nation will recognize it. Maybe, except some enterprising western oil companies who have no interest in unification of Africans. The more divided they are, the easier it is to exploit their resources. Why do you think America went to the defence of Kuwait, because they love Arabs? No, because they are preventing huge consolidation of oil resources which will mean higher prices!!

    Sadly, Somalians are so poor that there is not even foreign interest to divide them….

  2. Let him always cry before he dies of envy. Do not even touch him wrapped in a plastic or share him the same air. He is sick,

  3. Its called a re-shuffle , for crying out loud ! where does these editors of this "blog" Somalilandpress come from??