Somaliland Youth Taking part in the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) Birth Day Fesitval

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Somaliland has being an Islamic country for millennium at the least. The mosque with two Kiblas of the direction towards the Jerusalem still there exists intact.  And the lavish celebrations of the birth of the prophet Mohamed (PBUH) were a great sin to miss ever since ; the country’s body of Ulimo the clergy trained in the hands of Sufist orthodox Islamic approved the virtue but when Somalia entered abysmal political turmoil everything including religion were  corrupted for material gains rather keeping religion intact. The Mowlid Nabi, the prophet’s anniversary memorial birth were ridiculed by Saudi exported cults as ‘heretic’. Later years, mysterious mini-leaflets locally known as Risalad of unauthorized source were distributed among ordinary folks to change their mind on the Mowlid, the fool mobs followed as a result of some Iftar program donated by Saudi sinners to clear off their heinous sins; the prophet’s commemoration were held in clandestine since the Wahdad’s advent, the pioneer, incubator of Somalia’s evil ideology, militancy, and terror infrastructure.

But societal shift occurred this year. Their justification for banning is not compliant to the scripture was found out. Sorry depicting religion as scientific discovery, but the things were rerouted to original context unlike the myths imposed on us.

Timoweyne’s, the genuine Somali Muftis, of financial sources of collecting some sheep to keep preaching and Qasid , set of prayers and Allah-praising songs , from their fellow sisters were prohibited by the Wahabi cult who engaged in proselytizing impoverished society to their twisted, radical dogma: much like trinity church, they introduced Islam, a religion Somalia was familiar with for millennium minimum, in new face dividing the fundamental creed  into three novel straits: Divine Ones ( Ilaah Ulaahiya), Divine Worshiping, and etc to confuse the masses. Anyway, the books they refer are even unavailable in Saudi Kingdom libraries.  

Somalia’s Sufists tried to resist the newly invading cult upon their country but they couldn’t because of huge budget they get from Oil Arabia. Somalia became target and dumping ground for any modernist cult, the cult wealthy founders live as far as Pakistan and Morocco and praise idiot followers in Somaliland . If you go to Hargaysa, you pray in the newly built mosques, you hear their fairytales of Pakistan, a country of 10% of its population are Hindus and Sikhs and yet Pakistanis are preaching in Urdu to Somalis! When Somalis did learn Urdo or Hindi Others are by bankrolled and underwrote by Saudi businessmen.  Subjugated Imams are preaching politics rather than verses or Hadith and want to prevent any foreign investor from coming into Somaliland. For instant, Swiss investor probably a Muslim as I heard, went from home country with the persuasion of his Dutch citizen of Somaliland origin to establish poultry firm in Hargaysa. Less than 6 months of his stay, he was, unfortunately and  brutally murdered while shopping at Star Café  by false heaven seeker of twisted mindset whose Imams told him to keep Somaliland at the stone age era by eating the black things Arabs in prehistoric age used to inflate their flat bellies: dates and black.

The news of the murder wildly spread all across the investment forums of the world.  Somaliland though never realized the magnitude of the disaster suffered further isolation.

There only one true preacher unfunded by anyone else but self-sufficient is  Adan Siiro, May Allah Save His Soul. His Friday sermons are relevant, not about what Saudis in medieval era are doing, and uninfluenced by biases or other factors. His enemies not just make name-calling and swearing but always try to make character assassination to silence and divert him from the truth.

This year begun with phenomenal changes:  Al-Shabab finally met their waterloo, on the other hand, the force of truth and neutrality made their voice heard by restoring Mowlid Nabi, a big day for all Muslims, bigger than 18 May or anything else we celebrate.

Some greedy Sheikhs never being trained in Pakistan tribal dirty areas or Saudi third-rate Madrasa converted to Wahabism for incentives and outlawed any activities that venerate the prophet to please their underwriter of oil firms in Arabia after Siyad Barre’s ouster. Somalis de-cultured and entered decadence .Nevertheless, many memorial ceremonies of the prophet in Somaliland were held in nation-wide untainted by fear or intimidation this time and it is very encouraging sign for the first time the birth celebration is held openly without of any fear from Islamists’ backlash and God Willing will continue next year  and forever.  

The Islamic World unified in the prophet’s respect except where few followers of Wahabism who prefer Sheikh Abdi Wahab over the prophet! Are you one of them? Love the prophet, not Sheikh Godanits or his ilk whose religion is only 15 years old from Pakistan where he embraced his cult founder Mr. Ibrahimi, a blind man from Saudi King who fell in love with creating cults.


  1. The difference between the failed state of Somalia; and the glorious, stable and democratic republic of Somaliland is as big as the distance between heaven and earth. While the disasterous Somalia is still experiencing 23 years of civil war between Daarood Doofaar; and Hawiye afarqooble tribes, which are not able to reconcile, but allowed the failed country to be occupied and run by armies from Ethiopia, Kenya, and thousands of poor African soldiers invested with aides virus from Uganda, Barundi and Nigeria, while Somalia is going all that humiliation, the proud nation of Somaliland republic, went from winning the liberation war against Daarood warmanger Siyad Barre, to establishing peace, unique democratic experience and viberating state whose people are proud, patriotic and self-reliant. May Alah the great safe our great and wise nation from all evil wishers such as dirty wahabi lays invested Wahabi from backward Saudi Arabia.

  2. @faarah
    Daarood Doofaar; and Hawiye afarqooble LMAO lool sxb put qabil aside we got a new problem the wahabis.

  3. All Dirye synopsis on any given subject whether political or Religious are always fully
    polarised and toxic garbage to say the least. IMO all the different branches of Islamic
    plauralism doctrines have their central axises or core of one God(Allah), his holly Koran, and his
    chosen Prophet Mohammad. The Islamic chronicle 1435H also combines all Islamic doctrines.
    Regardless of all narrators of the Hadith and the main Koran, the central Capital City of all Muslims
    in their plauralism differences are compounded and impacted in the true one God,the Koran
    and the hadith of the Prophet and his companions when he was alive. Anything in the aftermath generations need careful studies and researches but IMO all doctrines should be respected and
    all Muslims should find a common ground to agree and disagree but the main basics of Islam should combine them. Ofcourse, Secular scientific achievements and the mankind generational progress with new hi-tech civilizations should effect the Muslim world to understand and go in pace with such worldly evolutionary unfolding new industrial eco-democracies throughout the entire planet of Mother Nature blessed powers.

    • PS.. The Islam is universally Federal powers that allows fast track plauralist doctrines for as long as
      the top core powers narrow down to one major God,one hollyBook, one Prophet.
      Without plauralising these three areas into false worship of materialistic creatures of any kind or sort.
      Islam follows the roots of all the prophets from Adam and Eve to Isaias the Messiah after Moses

      • PS….The Islam takes the roots of Isaias(Jesus the Messiah s/o Virgin Mariam-mary) after Moses
        et Aron, all through to Abraham,Noah etc. According to the testament of the Koran, the
        big 5 heavyweight prophets are Noah,Abraham,Moses,Jesus,Mohamed. The Koran talks
        about the Arabs, the Christians and the Jews. There are 25 prophet Names documented in
        the holly Koran with all unnamed other prophets. The Koran gives well versed documented
        versions fast educational testaments related to the past,present and future all the way to
        doomsday and the coming of Jesus to rule the World under the holly Koran with a different title
        of Kingdom under prophet Mohamed and his main language would be Arabic!. This might infuriate the non-Arab speaking world.

  4. How can a true muslim, really believes what this Saudi Wahabis preaches? In the name of Wahabism look what they did to black muslim who happened to live in their country, they deported thousand of Somalis and Ethiopian muslim because they are black. What kind of muslim will do that? they even deport the person who have their nationality because he happened to be of Somali origin.
    I am a true muslim but can't stand anything that is called Saudi Wahabist. They are not a true Islam because, all these murders of innocent people were done by their followers. What a shame.

  5. someone in the comments said Islam is pluralistic lmaooooo you have got to be kidding me. Some of you dont know the Sunnah…… mohammed was anything but pluralistic in his mindset. Non muslims were not allowed equal footing with muslims, non muslims were not allowed to hold political office even if elected to it. If you were not either christian, or jewish, example pagan or animist you were threatened with either death or conversion. Even the christians and jews had to settle for second class status.

    Any secular laws that have trickled into muslim nations have come from colonialism or the desire for secular civil law. In truth Islam is anything but accepting to other belief systems or non belief. Wasnt it mohammed who said I have been ordered to fight the people till they say allah is great and I am his messenger? What modern world does a man claiming that nonsense fit into?

    • I understand your point Nlander, religion who who treates others second class citizens has not place in the modern world, but imagine you are living somewhere you have no any other alternatives, but be conformist like everybody else? what your choice would be? Alshabab or others who celebrate Mohammed's birthday? I think the answer would be simple in my opinion.

      • I understand your point walal Sufis are a bit more harmless than wahabis etc I was refering to cheers comment were he was claiming Islam was some great pluralist ideology and that lie that muslims constantly tell needs to be challenged. Bc mo and his early followers were anything but democratic or liberal

        • I disagree if someone claims that Islam is democratic ideology and I do not understand how human beings who got brain can believe and support religion which subordinates women, also still encourages slavery. We are talking here human being owning or want to own another human being who should be free. Islam even never accepts diversity, you hear all the time Sunni stating that Shia is wrong, Suffism is wrong, Ahmedia is wrong, if there is a democratic within Islam why Muslims would not let others follow which way they want to. What gets me is punishment the person will get is death not verbal disagreement. Is that democratic?

          • Remember mohamed cheers ,we are not swearing at each other here, but discussing healthly. Your comment points out what we were talking about.

          • Dont pay them any attention Layla the Islam is a fo olish ideology and an intelligent person needs only to read the Sunnah and Quran to be turned off of it. They can keep talking all they want but democracy, scientific achievement,and pluralistic societal ideals didnt start in Muslim majority countries and there is a reason for that. Proof is in the pudding

          • Could not agree you more. I think if you know one why of living, you assume it is the right one, but if you are given alternative way of living you think and use your head more and also you accept and respect diversity of human beings. You also appreciate science and its contribution to the world.

    • Wrong misinterpreteur..Islam is Godly Constitution of all Mother Nature powers of the
      living and the dead including the Earth and heavens, the here and after worlds.
      Islam is not manmade. It's the Godly Constitution for all creatures here and after.
      The name Islam is Peace, Shalom. The Koran of Mohamed, and the bible of both Jesus
      and Moses are the same interpretation..All holly constitutions of Almighty God…
      All Holly books from Adam and Eve roots of Mankind are universarily the same messages
      divided into different generations. The Godly divine basically remains same teachings but
      mankind chose to take different directions. If mankind can not compromise on religious
      ideologies, at least they can treat one another good on their mankind human beings.

  6. Islam accepts democracy and protects human rights. Prophet Mohamed, sws, has lleft us one religon. It is the people who divided Islam into many parts (Madahib). All look a like a river that ends up into a heaven. Shica is an exception and far awar from Islam in every way we see it.

    The problme we have is that there is difference between what one has a right to do and what is rgiht to do. Every nation has a tradition, a culture of its own. Alien culutre that see we witness in Somalilalnd is that you will see people with long beards wearing clothes from pakistan, from Afganstan, from arabian gulf states. Eevery religious scholar puts yasmagh on his head when he preaching? Is yashmagh is a sign of intellectuality?

    We mus be proud of our cutlure. It is easier to change what you do than what others are doing.

    • What about Ahmadis? Druze? Alawites? Ismailis? Alevis?

      I think we should leave judgement of who and whomis nota mulsim to Allah SWT. If someone says they are Muslim I will accept that at face value and leave the judgment to the creator. for me that includes the Shia. Who am I to decide? Yes I intensely disagree with their idea of family inheritance but i do so at political level not on religious grounds

      • For the first time, we r on the same page about the different sects(Doctrines) of the Muslim
        World. Well said Man.

  7. Mr author,
    I feel very sorry for such an intellectual person like you to carry such British propaganda against Muslims. If it was because of your ignorance, then let me educate you.
    1. No movement nor Islamic sec, through out all history, absolutely nothing, was called wahabism;
    2. The people you call wahabist do not call themselves wahabists;
    3. Mohammad bin cabdilwahab, never claimed he instantiated, or found a new movement, but he renewed and asked people follow what were already in the books from previous scholars;

    • when The brits came to the middle east after ww1, they thought Islam was Sufism because most of people were Sufis at that time. It happened that sheikh Mohammad bin cabdilwahab was asking people to follow the profit's sunah, and the Quran, and stop worshipping tombs, dead religious figures, and only worship Allah, the creator. The brits thought this is something new, so they called it wahabism. It is unfortunate to see someone like you after a century didn't understand it , yet!

      Btw, being on the wrong belief for decades or centuries doesn't make it right, and that was the argument of qureysh people to our nabi pboh, they used to say, do we leave our religion, and our fathers' religion for something like this?
      So my friend, read before you talk

  8. I fee sorry for this author , he no clue about the subject .
    Something that the prophet never did why should we do it?
    Something the companions did not do why should we do it?
    Something that the best generations of muslims did not do why should we do it?
    are we better than abu baker and omar and ali?
    This so called mowled is an innovated act done by the obaydoon (shias)
    May Allah keep us firm on the quran and sunnah ameen and clear are country from the evil of shabab (shayateen) and from the heretics of the sufis. Ameen

    • The Prophet allowed the worship of Idols in Mecca and Medinah. The prophet opened his mosques to people of all faiths. The Prophet sought refugee from Christians, twice. The prophet was welcomed by singing and dancing girls to Medinah(do you know where the chant ashraqal badru aleynaa came from?) The prophet(PBUH) was a loving, tolerant man.

      Wahabbis are small-minded, petty and hateful. In other words the opposite of the Prophet(PBUH)

      BTW you say "Best generatioons". who exactly were these best generations? Abbasids?Ummayads?

  9. Somaliland maybe stable for now but it is heading straight to wahabbist hell. This is not somaliland anymore. This is a foreign land where everything once beautiful and real has been replaced wholesale with the culture of medieval Saudi Arabia.

    Somalialnd is dying. Or already dead because a country that abandons all its culture like we are doing, is not a country anymore.

    • Kabocalaf,

      I like the man that can smile in trouble, one that can gather strenght from stress and tension and grow wise by reflection, one who becomes tough when the moment is hard. Somaliland will never die. Those who are weak in heart and mind will die. Get a live, gentleman.

  10. We do Not want disgusting "democracy". It sound like you are imitating Kuffar….Sharia Law is the only way. Subhan'Allah