By Goth Mohamed Goth

President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo ) ) today flew out of the country headed to neighboring Ethiopia for a State visit after he was officially invited by the Ethiopian Prime minster HE Haile Mariam Dessalegn will meet on Saturday in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.

“We are pleased with the Ethiopian government in promoting our interest. Ethiopia is working with us in my areas especially on economy, diplomacy, Cross border movement of people and security related issues and we look forward to continuing to work together toward achieving common goals in Africa and around the world,” stated President Silanyo

Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) is expected to discuss issues regarding bilateral relations with Prime Minister Haile Mariam .The two countries are working closely on issues related to security, peace, trade and communications.

On the other hand shortly before his departure President Silanyo welcomed the recent political changes in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland while at the sending a Congratulatory message to the newly elected President HE Abdiweli Gaas ,he urged the new leader to strongly emphasis on safeguarding the peace.


  1. He will be participating in a siminar being held in Addis by some Former African presidents. Siilaanyo a laughing cow at that!

  2. Mr. Kuluc What can Obsanjo, an uneducated military man, teach Siilaanyo and why would Siilaanyo stoop himself to the level of a military man? Perhaps to learn some dictatorial tricks, I would guess.
    It is obvious there is a confusion and crisis within the house of Siilaanyo and to make matters worse they are lacking expertise on how they can negotiate with confidence.
    They have kicked Mohamed Omar (former foreign minister) out of the negotiation team. The question is what can Hersi and the two parliamentarians add to the negotiations. They don't have the expertise, the education and the knowledge to sit in there to represent us.

    • Please Abdi your misbehaving let me tell you that Hon Obasanjo has the highest rank in Military and he has graduated from Sandhurst Military University and the positions he held was The Chief of Staff of strongest Military in Africa, yes he was the President of the Military Government but do not forget that he did gave the Country to the elected Civil President Shehu Shagari in short Hon Obasanjo came back to the ruling of the country as elected civil President of Nigeria. to replay to your comment Hon Obasanjo is not an uneducated military man, he is a wise man of Africa and he had solved many difficulties in African Countries and he is well respect among the world retired Leaders. Please Abdi give him his respect.

  3. HE President DR Muj Ahmed Silaanyo is off to Addisababa for a an official workung trip.
    This is no jokes. Let's wait and see.

  4. Those who provider seminar are dynamic crisis NGO not Obsanjo and his colleagues. As long as Siilaanyo administrations collecting money from those who has interest in ex-Somalia. it is really hard to believe them.

  5. Mr Abdi,

    There is no only confusion in Siilaanyo house. The presidential palace has just become a bleak house.
    Siilaanyo and his aides are totally lost, There are reasons for this. Number one Siilaano was not born to rule, simply because he is that kind of stuff that cannot improve himself, his ideas, his thoughts, his ideology. Number two he has become a senile, and age is ailing him. Number three Siilaanyo is a man of many habits. Number four those around him are all unskilled and untalented. What kind of ideas Xirsi Gaab can initiate and idealize? How to steal public purse? of course. What else can he propose.

    Do you think that the man who failed to lead and unite few SNM fighters, could lead a nation aright? Impossible. Siilaanyo cannot even break some of his old habits.

  6. Let’s bolster the president and his team as they are and seem to be the most competent and efficient team.

    Aimless adversary will not get us anywhere.

  7. Kuluc,

    I know you hate Siilanyo based on his clan affiliations, which he can not change, because Allah created him to be born to that clan. But could you please state your case in a more civilized and smarter fashion, instead of personal attacks? Just calm down and try to become more reasonable, because you through as a bitter ignorant loser. That was just an advice and no damage intended on your already wounded bride.

    • Asha,

      Alleging that I hate Siilaanyo because of his tribe is a high crime, and God is a great accountant. I Just hate how he runs the affairs of Somaliland. I hate corruption. I hate cowardice. I hate nepotism. I hate favoritism. Telling what one is and what he did and doing now, regardless of who he is, is neither wrong nor a crime nor a grudge against tribe or individual. I am sure that everyone knows the one whose pride is already wounded. Siilaanyo has won presidency, but the honor remains to be earned.

  8. President,s visit to Ethiopia seems unclear. Because without his foreign minster how can he travel to Ethiopia? the visit seems to be local visit.

  9. this is to fulfill recently talks and strengthen of our businesses partnership and political agenda !!!!!!!!!!!!! INSHALLAH will receive the best fruit outcome.