Somali Producers Exhibition and Conference
Friday, January 10, 2014

NAIROBI (SOPEC) – Somali’s working to rebuild their country’s reproductive sectors will for the first time showcase Somalia’s potential in a bid to attract foreign investment and spur an economic recovery.

Once one of Africa’s powerhouses, leading in fruit and livestock exports, Somalia has suffered over two decades of war disease and hunger consequently destroying its economy and resilience of its people. However, with relative stability returning, it is thought timely to embark on recovery efforts by rekindling traditional Somalia-Middle Eastern trade links.

Convened by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and organized by Hanvard Africa, the Somali Producers Conference & Exhibition 2014 (SOPEC) will be the first of its kind and industry-led event aimed at linking Somali businesses in farming, fisheries and livestock to international markets. This event will be held at Dubai World Trade Center Monday, Feb. 17 through Wednesday, Feb. 19.

The SOPEC 2014 also will bring together a cross section of producers, experts, policymakers, and potential investors togive participants an unmatched two-day perspective on the industry as it is now and future possibilities.

In Somalia today, there are no ready-made answers or instant solutions. However, what can easily be done is to link possible demand to possible supply. To let producers and potential buyers look, listen, learn and analyze, before making plans for their businesses. When it comes to providing valuable, credible perspective, SOPEC 2014 is a ideal venue.

FAO and other organizations will provide high-level internal and external expertise in each industry through technical speakers who have in-depth knowledge and market analysis of the industries on the ground. SOPEC 2014 aims to be the best business-changing opportunity for those who will participate.

Source: SPOEC



  1. " Somali’s working to rebuild their country’s reproductive sectors …" ..What is wrong with this phrase…Is it the male of female reproductive…

  2. Lol@reproductive sectors" . Our soaring birthrate suggests we do not need much rebuilding in that general area

  3. What is wrong with you people , have you no sense in the above article it clearly states reproduction of FAO which means Food and Agriculture Organization. go back to primary school.