By Goth Mohamed Goth

President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) today received FAO representative in charge of Somaliland and Somalia desk Mr. Luca Alinovi and his deputy who are currently in the country on a working visit.

The Minister of National Planning Dr. Sacad Ali Shire speaking to the media moments after the meeting said, “I want to inform you that today we have here with us the Head of FAO East Africa Mr. Luca Alinovi who is on courtesy visit to the President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud and also to take part in the Somaliland food and water security week and also to officiate various FAO projects in the country and also to discuss the current locust infestation.

The Minister of Agriculture Prof. Farah Elmi Geedole on his part said, “As you‘re all aware of food sustainability is one of the important issues in this country and FAO is one of the organizations which assist us to produce enough food quotas be it in the farming sector, livestock or the fishing sectors and we having been working in partnership with FAO and we hope our partnership shall thrive in the coming years.

Mr. Luca Alinovi speaking during the press briefing said, “Today I am here to pay a courtesy visit to the President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud in view of the important event which is due to start tomorrow and we shall participate in the two day food and water security conference.

“We also during our stay in the country expect inspect and tour the various projects in the different sectors that we deal with in the country such as the fisheries and livestock sectors of which we expect to launch new projects and we are assisting local teams who are currently battling the locust scourge in the coastal areas”, He said.

The FAO representative thanked the Vice President H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail Sali’i”, Minister of National Planning Dr. Sacad Ali Shire and the Minister of Agriculture Prof. Farah Elmi Geedoole for briefing me well and to have learned new things regarding the program (food and water security).

Also present during the meeting were the Minister of Presidential Affairs Hon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan, Director General in the National Planning Ministry Mr. Abdullah Ismael Farah and the Private Secretary to the President Mr. Ali Ahmed Ali.



  1. Laudable working visit by FAO. Hopefully FAO would satisfy the food and water
    security needs of SL.

  2. Why is it always the black men ask the white men help me and start begging?. Please think about what Sayad Barre has mentioned and I think while he was there the civics never used a gun and never killed police officer, that is for sure.

    • Am sorry if offended. But you should have asked that question to your self. It is simple for everyone to understand.

  3. We still do things the old fashion way. Revenge killing can only got worse when current government is secretly endorsing it so it can divide subclans and communities.

  4. You guys are talk nothing at all. Yesterday we were a clan that destroyed afwaayne bare government
    Bringing all Somali clans vs. one powerful clan and now we have our nation and our great name called
    Somaliland Republic and our beautiful flag which is green, white, red and black star in the middle.
    We have the richest land in the world and also we have the greatest name and flag in the world. Come on guys nobody has it, the world is looking for it, Say Alhamdulillah and Allah will
    Give us more and more. Viva Somaliland Republic