By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland National Television SLNTV has launched new Arabic services into its existing programs earlier this week according to the director of the national television Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas.

The director of SLNTV Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas said, “It’s a high time we at SLNTV incorporated the Arabic language into our service which currently has Somali and English language programs and now the new section, will broadcast regular news bulletins and programs in Arabic.

“We hope the new Arabic service will be an international brand and which has a huge editorial resources, though in the early stages ,we expect its programs will  more entertaining  and sufficiently independent to attract a wide audience both locally and internationally”, He said.

Mr. Gaas added, “We have already received congratulatory and messages of encouragement from listeners as far as the UAE and North Africa.

The new Arabic section will grant SLNTV to attain a cutting edge advantage over its rivals, allowing us to broadcast simultaneously in several languages and enhance our presence on additional platforms,” Mr. Gaas said

This forum also will hosts group of political, cultural and media personalities and a victory for SLNTV and the whole Ministry of Information.   


  1. Maashaa Allah Somaliland Tv is looking beyond our borders, broadcasting to the International community. Soon other languages will follow suit and Somaliland Tv will become in par with Aljazeera,CNN and the BBC.

    • Are you really serious Kucaddeeye? Aljazeera, CNN and the BBC ha? So you're telling me we can fly without wings Kucaddeeye, ha? What a wonderful man. i hate to say anything other than to say i like your optimism.

  2. Somaliland Tv try to walk before you run, first give the viewers in Somaliland a better service since we are paying for it, and why arabic and not english?

    • What a wonderful answer. Let them first sort out the sound and picture problems in the local service, and who will be watching or even interested to watch such a crude service broadcast by people arabs consider aliens.

  3. Oo no Arabic we are not Arabs, we are Somalilanders and our langage is Somali. I do not think any Arab country will consider broadcasting on its TVs Somali, so why should we?

  4. Bravo to the new Arabic Section added intoSLNV. The SL is a muslim Country and bcz
    of the Religion itself, the Arabic language is a must. Again, all the 5star Somalis are
    demographics, Ethnicity and geopolitics of the Arab League/OIC/AU Countries not to
    mention the 5star Somalis diaspora who enjoy dual Nationalities throughout the globalized
    Worldwide. Again, the Arabic language is highly laudable as the DG MR Gaas

  5. Urdu is their next Service – aja aja – what else other than SLTV has to deliver – slogans of Hirsi Gaab's of propaganda.

  6. In my opinion all the top workers of SLNTV starting with Khadar Gaas should all be dismissed,and should be replaced with creative people who can make new and educational programmes for our young nation,the ones in charge are useless with no brains, SLNTV is the least of all the Somali speaking channels the only thing they are good at is to divide Somalilanders into clans.
    I heard rumours SLNTV is very popular in Nigeria so why don't SLNTV launch in hausa, yeruba, & ebo sevices.

  7. If this so called slntv despairs from my television i can happily say i am not going to noticed what a useless nonsense crab.

  8. This station should be sold to private institutions and depend on advertising for revenue. It is almost criminal that meagre public resources are wasted on this useless TV station, worse Radio station, and a newspaper that makes Pyong Young Daily look exciting and truthful. Sell them all off.