Siilaanyo 88

President Silanyo on an Evening Stroll

By M.A. Egge                                       

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud last night surprised patrons at Hargeisa’s Imperial Hotel when he walked in without the usual security details.

The President who was accompanied by the First Lady Amina Sh. Mohammed Jirde and two legislative members the Honourables Ahmed Mohammoud Dirie and Ali Hassan Ahmed had walked all the way from the State House to and fro.

Madaxwaynaha JSL 1

 “It shows how the country enjoys peaceful stability”, quipped Hon. Ahmed to a local website,

They were shortly after joined at the hotel by the Foreign and Education Ministers Hon. M.B Yonis and Hon. Zamzam Abdi respectively.

This is not the first time that the President has made impromptu evening visits to various spots in the city mingling with shoppers or revelers.

Scores of patrons at imperial soon thronged to where the Head of State was hence happily shook his ready hand.

He took tea with the people who were as happy as they were hilarious to meet or see him.

Only last week both the FM Hon. Bihi and Interior Minister Hon. Ali Waran’adde were spotted at midnight walking in town.


  1. Do you wonder what is the gurney in the picture for? By the way, when was the last time has this senile octogenarian make a public speech? No wonder teenagers are running the show in Garadag house.

    • Undeniably a good gesture whatever reason behind it. Give the man credit the good done without clan accusation.

  2. thats it is nice hike !!!!!! wonderful and extremely gorgeous mix ups with local chats as usually !!!!Some minds are like concrete thoroughly mixed up and permanently set hon cheers!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Steeling the show is not a new phenomenon. It it foolishness and no one can fool the people, let Siilaanyo and those who always chant after him. Siilaanyo’s days are counted.

  4. M.A.Ege,
    If SNA killed innocent victims, half of the Somali army was from your tribe and they were taking orders from Mohamed Siad Barre until the day he fled the country. The same officers who were leading the assault on our civilians in northern Somalia like Dahir Riyaale became fictional president in your tribal enclave. Others like Dhagawayne led the national forces that assaulted the eastern region of Somalia; these men killed innocent civilians and poisoned water wells to with maximum efficiency to please Siad Barre. How can men like these are strolling in Hargeisa today without facing justice for the crimes they committed against Somali people? How is it that you blame every other Somali that is not of your clan on this heinous crime? Can you really say all those who are claiming to be Mujahids in the Mafrishs of Hargeisa were actually with SNM? Probably you can because as a tribal individual, you cannot reason in a logical civilized manner.
    The real god of Somali people is tribalism; they worship clan and camels better than the Almighty god. You can never assign a blame to your tribe although you want to shame every other Somali. forget this nonsense and clan mentality; there is no country called Somaliland. Somalia is one and its people will be better off united than divided into clan fiefdoms.

  5. Lol@fintir. It is absolutely true that traditional Somalis’s real God used to be his clan, followed by his camels and then possibly a bit of God. I liked them that way. so predictable and proud and free and real and honest and SOMALI. Safalist takeover is changing all that. these people are so bereft of pride in their somalisness they genuinely want Somalilanders to be ruled by some worm-eating Asians. Heck I would rather die a kaafir and rot in the worst dungeons of hell than be ruled by some saudis or other Asiatics.
    Give me tribalism anyday.

    • Just stick to who you are as a person and where you hail from – I mean your clan.
      That is what it is and what every Somali wiishes to be.