By M.A. Egge

The government of the Republic of Somaliland has officially apologized to the Ethiopian government following the neighbor’s diplomatic staff having been manhandled, arrested and locked up in Gebiley region last week.

The VP H.E. Abdirahman Ismael Seyli’i reiterated the state’s apology to her worthy neighbor at the airport yesterday shortly before he jetted off to Ethiopia. The VP said that following the incident the government has already apprehended the culprits who would be charged with infringing upon diplomatic immunity regulations.

Both countries are not only close allies, but indeed share a long common history of socio-economic, cultural, political and security relations.

He likewise stated that the government had already sent her profuse apology on the incident which he termed as one that “both the government and the people of Somaliland were seriously perturbed” about.

He reminded the populaces that the ages old close relations between the two countries spanned eons hence that it would never be easily severed whatever happens.

The VP further said that he would also express in person further apologies on behalf of the government and the people of SL upon arrival in Ethiopia whenever he met her leaders.

Despite the fact that the VP’s trip was touted as a private visit he is surely expected to meet with Ethiopian leaders.


  1. It is horrible to see a Somali stooping this low to please and appease Ethiopians. Ethiopia does never apologize for killing a Somali and they shoot at our citizens indiscriminately every day in Togwajaale and other border points; why Zailaci is behaving this despicable manner and apologizing profusely?
    If there is any age old history between Abyssinia and Somali people, it is one of hostility, annexation of Somali land and subjugation of our people. How can Saylaci justify heaping all this praise on Ethiopia who annexed the Reserve Area from former British Somaliland as recently as 1954? Nomads have no history and do never learn from common experience.

  2. I think our VEEP is spot on to apologise if the diplomats were arrested and manhandled. All nations apologise for such incidents. It is standard diplomatic practise the world over
    Allemagan: You are correct about the tradional hostility Somalilanders used to hold for Ethiopia. That changed and changed forever from 1988 onwards when Ethiopia protecxted and saved our people from the attempted genocide of Mogadishu. Ethiopia in our Hearts Forever. We Love You Ethiopia. May all your Enemies Perish