By Goth Mohamed Goth

Top officials in the Justice and welfare party (UCID) have condemned the cold blood the killing of unarmed women and the attempted on the life of  veteran politician Hon Mohamed Farah Qabile son who was seriously injured after narrowly escaped death by assassin bullet fort night ago in the port city of Berbera terming the incident as deplorable and regrettable.

The Justice and welfare officials in the press conference today called on the current government to urgently put on trial the accused murder suspect who had being also previously accused of attempting to assassinate the politician some few months ago.

Mr. Qodah began by saying , “We first and foremost would like to send our condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased woman at this time when they mourn their loss, secondly we would like to use this opportunity to also to stand in solidarity with the family of our fellow party member Hon Mohamed Farah Qabile whose son is luck to be alive after he narrowly escaped the death and it’s so sad to see that I known Killer is freely roaming our streets just months after he was involved in another similar incidence.

“We would like to condemn the shady deputy interior minister for his dealings and connections and also for the protections of this killer, We are aware of the fact the killer was driving the personal vehicle of the deputy minister at the time of the shooting incidence and for that we demand answers from the so called minister who is said to go to any lengths to protect the killer even if it meant to against the orders of his own master,” he said.

On the other hand the third party chairman Madam Fadumo said, “The news of the killing of the innocent woman came as a shock to us and we place the blame solely on the shoulders of the current government for failing to act on the know killer who has a history for violent violations because it seems to us that he is being protected by the same people who were supposed to  bring him to law  that’s why I urge the current deputy minister of internal affairs and in charge of security to come out to the open and clear his name because as thing are currently it looks as if he is an accomplice to the murder.

Madam Fadumo added, “Hon Mohamed Farah Qabile had accused the minister for being the brains behind the attempt on his life now again a trend emerges the same personal car belonging to the minister is used in  the shooting incidence involving the honorable MP son and for the current government to answer why this assassin is still allowed to be armed and commit more crimes.

The suspect who is a senior police officer is under police custody in the port city of Berbera.



  1. Somaliland press, you guys should start the article with account of the woman’s murder. I read the article twice and still can’t understand what the connection (if there is any) between murdered woman and the politician’s son.

    The only thing i took away from this story is the opposition party is trying to benefit from a murdered woman’s story that had nothing to do with politics.