10154995_735393416512187_2760460272843279626_nHearing morning birds singing beautiful songs and hearing those melody sounds. The weather is so pleasant and cannot be compared to anywhere else in Africa, you don’t want to get out of your bed , the alarm is your enemy, suddenly you hear a voice in your head ”time to work” as the young and old get on with it. You drive the most contemporary car in the town, you are famous among your society and work for an INGO/UN, and they are the best salary payers in Somaliland. After 8 hours of work and an afternoon nap, your nightlife starts. You visit the most exclusive hotels with friends, co-workers discussing politics, pointing out the most recent famous individuals in town and you date the most beautiful girls (Somalis). Somali women are famous for their shyness and their beauty compared to rest of the African women. They say Somali are “mixed with Arab“with brown skin. You heard one of your colleague’s mentions your favorite band’s new gig at the Panorama hotel (famous for Somali shows) and you need just pay $10 to enter. After enjoying this until 2am you go back the same page and daily lifestyle, happy and without worries.

The next day, on your way to work you gets a phone call from your cousin in Europe telling you to come pick him from the airport. You happily fetch him and after work, you take him to the town. ??? After a while you begin to realize the dramatic change in your surroundings including your friends ,the stories and discussions changed in to the , latest fashion trends , bright lights of terraces and buildings , KFC , parks , clubs and other social lifestyle in the west; its fine your cousin is new let him talk since he miss back home. ???

The next morning while at work, your beloved mom gives you a quick phone call telling you that your cousin is getting married so you need to bring him home to meet the girl’s family. It makes you wonder how quickly he found a woman. Nevertheless you proceed and meet with the girl’s family, arranging the engagement, printing cards, reserving the Mansoor hotel for the venue (one of the exclusive hotels in hargeisa). The engagement preparations are done with the date set. This hectic work didn’t even give you time to check your face book page nor even the chance to congratulate your cousin.

You almost started getting motivated to be married too, you have everything it takes right? You have been in relationship for the past 3 years, your lady mentioned marriage several times but you always say ‘why hurry, we need to get to know each other’ while remembering your grandfather’s advice about women. By no means do what women anticipate you to do, it’s part of your culture, you are the one who decides the next step, the day she start talking about something you don’t agree with, you ignore her calls for a week. You like flirting on face book, you are not ready to engage yourself this time, you tell all the girls you meet that you not ready for relationship but friendship. When you eventually decide to give your girlfriend a call, her phone is locked, you repeat for 3 days but no answer, you check face book and Skype, both are offline. All her communication seems to suddenly have gone offline. You start wondering what is happening, you start getting anxious, as you are eager to tell her that her waiting is over. You get the idea of going to her friend to ask about, but after a short visit, her friend tells you that your girlfriend got married to a man from Europe 3 days ago.

 To be continued…

By: Ayaan Ahmed Mohamud








  1. An entire spectrum of existence is possible between self-belief
    and faith in the universal energy, between confidence in free will and destiny
    and between taking charge and letting go. With reflection, meditation,
    and pursuit of a clear life purpose, you can identify the fine balance that’s optimal for you. It’s the place of equilibrium where you willingly engage in meaningful action and yet are
    detached from the bipolar evaluation of results, connected equally with inner
    stillness and external activity; where the physical and emotions meet.

    It’s about living with the understanding of how several hundred
    thousand actions of the mind, body, and the universe are happening involuntarily; yet appreciating the need for voluntary actions that bring to life our conscious intentions with the help of our body and its nervous system. For example, what we decide to eat is our
    choice, however, how the stomach digests that food is through the universal
    intelligence present in each cell of our digestive system.

    The sweet spots in this journey is where you fully present at the moment.

  2. Ayaan, “The story teller”
    Very outstanding story, and I would really love to continue to the coming up part. However, It would rather be more interesting and genuinely touching piece of story if you switch the gender of the narrator (you). hopefully the coming part is much more involved precisely on the girls side.


  3. my
    eyes were dumfounded, my mind was very distillate, I was once titling,
    and again giggling, I became in insomniac dream, my physique was in
    Coventry City, but my wits was back home.

    Your piece of article was dazzling, it has fully gripped my attention,
    I became late of my tedious banking job which is far-lung in revel to
    your comfy restful so called INGO/UN jobs, my BOSS was talking to me,
    while I was so busy on my IPAD reading your article, I like the part
    about the beauty of the Somali girls, but I became very dishearten how
    they discounted themselves, a low life guy from Europe don’t deserve
    them any more…

    ayaan you have boggled my tension, and you have to pay my price, I have
    not seen Hargeisa 8 years now, its the city I was born and bread, the
    city which I was started my basic schooling and mugged up my life, I
    missed everything about it, I was wondering if this was the thing you
    were asking us the other day!!!!

    Thank you very much and I will catch you up this july insha allah…. salaam from HSBC BANK in coventry….