Mr.BenedictArnood from the Cedar Tree Institute said, my friends of many years views, did not offend me, what offends me most was their beliefs that I had no right to my independent, moderate views, and that I should just shut up and leave the future coarse of the country to them alone.  Because they know better.  But free thinking and free speech is the heart and spirit of America.  You have a choice, love it or leave it.  I find myself pitted more against extreme – right wing views.  They have that naïve and childish notion that moderates are wishy – washy, fence sitters, waiting to see which way the political wind blows.  So that they can lean that way.Claiming that they have the only politically correct path.  But free speech and free thinking is the heart, spirit, and soul of America.  If they don’t like that kind of America.  They have a choice.  Love it or leave it.  Dear reader, extremism is alive and exists on many fronts in Somaliland.  But intolerance is not an option.  Because we are old enough to know that Somalilanders are flying birds that have no respect for boundaries.  Fences means nothing to those who can fly.  It is our manner born to express openly, our feeling, and thinking, freely and without restrictions.Anybody who has no patience for free speech and free thinking, he is not entitled to run our political platform and career.  Love it or leave it.  James Jefferson reply to citizens of Washington in 1809 said, the difference of opinion should arise among men on politics, and on every avenue of human inquiry, and that should be freely expressed in a country where all our faculties are free, is to be expected.  But those valuable privileges are much perverted when some jerks and special interest group politicians permitted to disturb the harmony of social intercourse, and to lessen the tolerance of opinion.


Dear reader,the recent crisis in Somaliland is not only involving the free speech; but the issue is more risky and more frightening than that.  It is a fatal national crime against our institutions, Government Bodies,the judiciary – system, the rules and regulations of the whole State.  A big crime against our entity, and Identity as a democratic State, is the stake.It is a foolish blunder and disaster, committed by some alien hungry for revenge and retaliation. Frederic Douglass, a leader of the Abolitionist Movement of Slavery in America said, I would rather unite with anybody to do right, and with nobody to do wrong.  As a freelance writer, the pen of genius is to set his merit forth, like a guiding star on a stormy weather.  Mr.NeilGaiman said, there is no one so blind as a leader who will not listen to his people.  Because beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness, and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.


Because authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing consistently. This builds trust and followers love their leader. When you are finished changing; you are finished. It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent; but the most responsive to the change. When I seriously think deeply about the future prospects of this poor, helpless, and unlucky nation, called Somaliland.  By reading the lizard – brain, and phony dim views of the political spearheads that our destiny is held in their dirty hands.  I surrender myself to despair, give up life and that gleam of hope, for a better tomorrow.  Our future prospects, aspiration, and dream; supposedly led by some personalities like Vanguard Nacnac, and the loose cannon,Mr.AliGurey.  Watching them exchanging disgusting, dirty jokes while the whole World is watching them; both our foes and our friends.  Hence then, my stomach grow sick and I blink my eyes as a sign of disbelief.I feel complete constriction in my throat, and lack of saliva abstracts me tongue – tied.


Mr.Nacna, Mr.Luther King said, injustices to someone in somewhere, is injustices to everyone in everywhere.  Socrates said, experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do, with what happens to you.Mr.Nacnac, the mouth speaker of Mr.Silanyo, let me ask you; when did a man with a pen and paper, became a thief with a knife? Secondly, this case is in between our own canary in the Coal – Mine, and the advocatefor the silent majority, Mr.YusufAbdiGaboobe; and this heartless regime which is hungry for pain and blood .Mr.William Arthur said, the pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.  When it is obvious that the goals can’t be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.  Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is a path and leave a trail. Mr.Nacnac, be aware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance. If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.  Why you refer the case to a particular clan who has no a clue of what is going on in your corrupted political platform,and it’s ill – deeds.Americans says, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  Mr.Nacnac, if your mind is still pre – occupied with that old traditional tribal fashion of ReerQansax and ReerGalool.  Please resign politics, go home, and relax. Somalilanders have no room for a tribal chief like you to represent them in their National Assembly, in this age and time.Mr.Nacnac, put the shoe on the right foot and call a spade, a spade.Please grow up and change your infectious, political literature. Bear in mind, that Somaliland is not an Isaaq land.  You have to respect the other communities that we share this country.  Because our ears are full of wax.You are a hypocrite, flatterer that licks before, and scratches behind. If you plant seeds of hatred among family and friends; it will grow to destroy both of us.  I hate to see you as an Mp to my riding and polling-station.


Mr.AliGurey, what you were expecting from Nacnac after the massacre of those innocent, armless,helpless, teenagers who were fired with live –  ammunition, while they were throwing stones?  Do you want him to take the gun and shoot back those misled police force?


As a Somaliland political figure,  who has a dream one day to be the president of Somaliland. Aren’t those victimised children, your kids?  If you are talking sense, really, they are your kids.Are we a tribe with a flag and a national anthem; or are we a civilized democratic – State with rules and regulations?  Mr.Ali, as a political leader of Somaliland, you are supposed to put water on the fire, not to kindle the old flame.  Because an old flame is easily kindled.Mr.Ali, your vision is the promise of what you will be tomorrow.  If you succeed, you will divide Hargeisa in to two camps.  One camp will hold that black flag of Al Shabab terrorist Organization; while the other camp will hold that stained blue flag, with the stigma of rape and robbery.  According to my perception, by putting water on the fire of that previous incident, is the only good thing Mr.Nacnac did, since he became an Mp of Somaliland. I hate you, and Mr.Nacnac, to be my future president.  Both of you, please grow up and change your infectious political culture of dismay.


Dear reader, the human brain is a wonderful element.  It starts working the moment you born, and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.  Removing all doubts through your mouth.  Fools think alike, and great minds run in the same channel.Somalilanders, our media and free press whom we  have assigned them to be our own canary in the coal- mine, our advocate and mouth – piece; are always harassed and threatened by a constellation of bigots, like Mr.Nacnac, whoconstantly tickling our throats.  Bugging the media and blackmailing them simply because they gave a light of unpleasant slash to the Black – Hair – Handkerchief  (Ganbo) of the Mother – In – Law from Hell ( Tribalism ).That is why our genuine mouth – piece and advocate, the Hubal Newspaper and Hatuf  are outlawed, banned, and put under surveillance. If we desert them and leave them alone.  We will be hunted by the RBU and would be put behind – bars for no apparent reasons, one after the other.  We must stand up all, and say No to this Marshall – Law of Mr.Silanyo and his arrogant regime.According to the perception of Mr.Silanyo’s Regime.Political pornography of Injustices, Nepotism, Tribalism, Egoism, Dictatorship, unhealthy political Sex of corruption, hoarding and robbing the national treasury, supressing the Media, shooting our future generation in a rootless fashion, indiscriminately; is the foundation – stone of their perception of democracy. He has the intention of practising the exercise – book of his Godfather, the late vampire. “ You are the sun; you are the moon.”  That is why lately, the freedom and personal rights of Mr.YusufAbdiGaboobe is denied and restricted.  Moreover, his news paper and the Hubalnews paperis banned for no apparent reason, but to supress the truth.  Who knows what is next?I assume the imams of the Mosques like immamAdanSiro, and shrined places for worship will be the next target. Dear Somalilander, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing and to be silent; serving as the film’s epilogue.  Dear reader, there is a Somali saying or proverb that says.  All animals feed their new – born – babies in the cradle with the exception of the white – crow.  Instead of feeding it’s infants, the white – crow comes to it’s babies and spits on their eyes.  Mr.Silanyo is a typical white – crow.


Dear Somalilander, the dawn of anticipation forms the most soothing pillow for a restless head.  Marriage is an institution in which the woman gets her Master’s degree and the man loses his Bachelor’s degree.  But most couples divorce because of their religious differences.  The husband thinks that he is the master of all that under the roof, while the wife knows that she is.  As marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.  Mr.Silanyo, when you charging somebody with a crime.  You have to collect all evidence after the fact and before the fact.  Then draw the conclusion.  Then dump it in the trash – can or forward your case with authentic signiture to the Anthony – General.  If you have a good case liable for a free trial against our advocate for the freedom of speech; why you don’t forward your case in the day – light through the appropriate channels?  Instead of beating about the bush and blackmailing the judiciary – Department and intimidating the arms of the law.  Mr.Silanyo, it is better to limp on the right road, than speeding up on the wrong one.  A frightened child dreads fire.  If you are easily burned, you should never go near the fire.  Beer on whiskey, is mighty risky.  Tomorrow we all fade like a leaf, but history will prevail.  Many African dictators like you failed, because they lacked vision and purpose.  Remember, when there is smoke, for sure there is a fire.  There is a big gap in between you and the people that you are presiding. You have to break the ice.  You are misled by flatterers that lick before, and scratch you behind.  Stick to your flannels, until they stick to you.


Madam AminaWaris, by default you are a pre – selected option adopted by the whole nation as their first lady.  We highly expect you to be the passion – fruit of the passion – flower. You must act as an emblem of love and passion; not a playful clown that scares and intimidates the public.  Somalilanders value your honour much more, than resembling and acting as the late Mamma Khadija.  Many voices are echoed to our ears. You are a lettered lady. please don’t let yourself down. Don’t  let the power, and the pride to infect you with a colour – blind disease. The father is the head, but the mother is the heart.  Please don’t mingle your clean hands with the African dirty politics that is smeared with a bad blood.  You can act your official role freely, as a humanitarian role – model and the first lady of your country.  I am not a chauvinist against women.  But you have to respect our sacred shrines, culture, and traditions.  If you cross the line, you must have the guts to stand the heat.  Politics have a deadly weapon tongue.  The father to his desk, and the mother to her dishes.  You can’t have it both ways.Mr.Nelson Mandela said, a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.


Our First Lady, I hate to say I told you, but I did.

Yusuf Deyr, Edmonton,Canada


  1. I thought when I saw the whit crow “Xuunsho” as called by the author was light hearted story, but I soon realized what a dark story it is. The Author mentioned many memorable presonalities in the American history who made life better in America because of their enlightened thought and philosphy, however this author is quite the opposite in his outlook. Instead of enlightining us he deprsses you with his obvious dvisive tribal essay, which encourage us to go on the street and take our government down and install Gaboobe as its leader, can you imagine that. This is like installing the Mafia to run Italy, this is his advice while he is hiding behind America’s great personalities. We knew Gaboobe for the last 20yrs and what he has done for Somaliland. I don’t particularly care closing Haatuf down, but Haatuf wouldn’t have operated any where else except Somalinad. Where else Can you insult and accuse of the first family, ministers, judges, and civil servants without a shred of evidence and still have the last laugh. This couldn’t happen anywhere in the world ecept Somaliland. Is the only place were an invalet like Gabooobe could write while intoxicated 100% lies and publish them for the last twenty years without any consequences. You mentioned freedom, but you forgot freedom have responsiblities and you must keep the Oath. 101 Journalism tell us what you write to the public must be able to stannd against scrutiny. You sound educated, but your parent must ask for refund because apparently you aren’t educated you just learned literature