By |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|


At a time of rising hostility, animosity and jealousy towards the existence of our nation aimed earnestly at destabilization and destruction of our home country, a government with guts, determination and daring instinct is vital for defending the dignity and sovereignty of its people. As we are aware, our country is surrounded by geographically precarious, volatile and hate-breeding environment. In this ever-changing and unpredictable geo-political issues as well as global economic, security and diplomatic challenges, a solid and well thought foreign policy is vital for a young and yet unrecognised country, like Somaliland Republic. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has underlined that our country has not only been successful in maintaining its record as a bastion of peace and stability in a volatile region, but has also been a reliable partner to the international community in the prevention of spill over from the instability in the Horn of Africa. 


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Somaliland Republic, Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar has clarified and convinced to the world that our country’s rules and governance are based upon and derived from the ideals that are believed in and lived by our people; which are peace, stability and democracy. It was noteworthy to see the brilliant way and most convenient approach in which the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland Republic has acted and operated in relation to the security relevant issues and developments of the recent weeks whereby the UK and USA governments have revised travel advice for the Somaliland Republic.


Somaliland’s foreign policy emphasises the importance and the added-value of the Somaliland Republic for the international community and especially for the neighbouring countries in the region regarding safety and security relevant issues in one hand. On the other hand, this policy highlights Somaliland’s democratic achievements and experiences that will serve as an example and provide useful lessons for all other African countries to learn and would certainly serve as a model in enhancing stability, democracy and development in the Horn of Africa.


Somaliland’s transnational foreign policy is based upon self-confidence, the trust in their own abilities and skills. This policy is guided by a new modern and profound knowledge on international diplomatic affairs. Unlike its predecessor, this policy remains involved to all major diplomatic fronts without any compromise upon the sovereignty and integrity of Somaliland Republic. Constructive approaches, broad public consultation, breaking through the diplomatic barriers, reshaping the aloof and cautious policy and what formerly was regarded as a diplomatic taboo are the face-defining that make the Somaliland’s foreign policy so unique and special.



The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Somaliland Republic Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar has beyond every doubt demonstrated throughout his diplomatic skills and sustained achievements a belief in a constructive policy of engagement in international issues for peace, democracy and security relevant issues. Through his exemplary actions and profound diplomatic vision, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has put an end to all the pessimistic voices and false impression circulated by Somaliland’s enemies, inside and outside the country.


The present Somaliland Foreign Policy is absolutely well equipped for the changes, needs, obstacles & geo-political challenges facing Somaliland’s people today in the Horn of African Region and beyond.

In a very short time, the Government of President Ahmed Silaanyo’s Foreign Policy has transformed our country from a completely withdrawn and lonely country into a globally respected partner for peace, stability and democracy.


Yes indeed, the majority of Somaliland people and the rest of the world are commonly united and agree to acknowledge and appreciate the commendable foreign policy of the Republic of Somaliland which is Fearless, Forward-thinking and Far-reaching policy.


May ALLAH (SXWT) protect the true and genuine patriot!


By |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|


  1. Haters are gonna hate, but Somalilanders keep grinding, keep that shoulder to the wheel!

    Our families did not die in vain, they fought to save us and this land and now the torch has been passed on to us, let us be equal to their sacrifices

  2. Indeed, the foreign policy of Somaliland is in good hands, and will bear fruits in the near future. Those who criticise need to be told, the diplomacy is not to slap the faces of whose whom you want to engage or talk to for the Somaliland support, and it is not to either go to Nairobi or Addis, but it takes to endure and polite to achieve your goal. There is nothing in this world that you get without convincing, and that is what Dr.Mohamed Abdillahi Omar, and the his Boss are doing day-and-night.

    Patience and continuous effort in convincing is the came of the play. The Best Kept Secret is getting it's right of statehood soon, so wait and be cool.

  3. Somaliland haters have already realized their doomsday, and started harassing Somalilander in Mogadishu and other towns, because they see that Somaliland is gone and will not return as they would like it. The news is out that the Police and certain high level individuals hunt for those Somalilanders who went there for their personal interest. They will face more if they did not run, while they have time.

    That is for you, if I know those Wanlaweyns.

  4. Hussein, a good article, but I don't agree at all. Somaliland Foreign policy is a mess. Forget about what others are doing, what are we doing? Since this minister came in, we have lost all political credability. The minister has become a trade representative and not a serious minister for Somaliland's international relations. With each passing year, doors that had been open are now closing. We went into a meeting with Somalia, and not once did a word "Somaliland" come up. If they are not willing to acknowledge our existence, why are we even talking to these people? and to cap it all off, for the first in living memory, our friends, who knew our sensitivities issued a ban on travel to Somaliland, and how did the minister hear about it, on the FCO website. If you Hussein are one of the people making our foreign policy, then may Allah help us.

  5. If Hargeysa is Somaliland whose land is Muqdisho? We must admit that the terrorist in the Horn emerged for the first time at Hargeysa. The foreign office of Somaliland vowed to release their terrorists when he was refused to take part the latest AU summit in Addis Abab.

    • No, the terrorists of South somalia have the biggest base 1.2 km to the north of garowe, they use the small port in the village of boosaso to export weapons from arab terrorist in Yemen. Garowe and it's terrorist tribal leader which gets $6000 a week from terrorist networks in pakistan vowed to destroy south somalia and somaliland.

  6. Certitudes and bluntness get people so far. It is less a question of what almost all of us know and aware of than how curious about what one is to sell. Eng Hussein, is trying his best to sell just a tangle of vague outlines that are not based on facts and figures. If there is an iota of truth in his article, why he failed to give an example of what the foreing MInister did, which doors did knock; why Somaliland offices in South African, South Sudan, some in European were closed? Just because of lack of resources? Get the hell of your cynicl article out of here.

      • kaboon. how many times i have to correct you man..Darood are not Israelis. They are
        old pure Arab tribes from the Jabarti tribes of Yemen. The Isaaq are afro-Arab semitics of Israeli
        paternal descendants of Prophet Abraham…Aint prophets Ishmael and Isaac brothers?
        Therefore, both Darood and Isaaq have become marital hybrids dissolved into the AfroArab
        and Islamic of AL/OI C World. Take it easy man.

  7. @ComeAgain, you have a country saxiib…its called the UK. You have wanted the demise of your own people way before Siad Bare ina abti. You are merely the "Queens" toilet paper. People don't hate on "Somalilanders" they are just shocked at how much "Somalilanders" can hate themselves! Somali ba tahay ina abti. Look at it which ever way you want. Even if you get recognition from your colonial masters your still Somali. Long live the Queen!

  8. That best thing one can do is to tell him/herself the truth so that he/she can make an improvement needs to marginalize deficiencies. It is unbecoming for a concerned citizen to claim other than what is the truth about SOMALILAND foreign policy. It is a shameful and unethical for a learned person, unless he is motivated by kinship, to give accolades the mudslinging of the restless and inexperienced minister of the office.
    It is time to grow up and smell the coffee….and let us call the duck for what it is…a duck.