Throughout their history, the people of Togdheer Region of Somaliland have been known for their tricks and tickling language.  The Prime minster of Great Britain, The Right Honorable David Cameron seems to be a bit reluctant in the case of Somaliland and its long over-due recognition as a Sovereign State, separate from the Sick-bed Patient Somalia.

Now, that Silanyo is going to meet The Right Honorable Prime minister, in London, he should unleash Tickling Diplomacy, tackle him, or treat him with one of those famous Foxy Tricks.

A story is in order to illustrate the point.

The Power of Tickling Language

One day in the summer of 1975, during the reign of Dictator Idi Amin Dada, Uncle Abduljibaar Muuse-Dheere and I, happened to have finished our business in the Ugandan capital of Kampala at about 5:00pm and wanting to go back home to Soroti in Eastern Uganda.

We were not driving and we did not want to be bussing from one city to another throughout the night. We decided to take the 7-seat Peugeot Matatu (Bush taxi) from Kampala to Jinja, stay in Jinja for the night. Then take another taxi, next day from Jinja to Tororo, then to Mbale and from there to Soroti.

At that time, ordinary Ugandans were still awash with cash from Idi Amin?s African Economic War  aka Project Blundering Wealthy Uganda Asians. Demand for any service or product exceeded the supply and it was almost impossible to find an Intercity Peugeot Taxi in Kampala after 5:00 pm.

When we came to the taxi park, we realized that there is no any taxi and there is over hundred people who have formed queue lines by tribe.  Worse, we were not foreigners who did not belong to any local tribe, nor did we speak any of the Ugandan native languages.

As we stood there pondering what to do, Uncle Abduljabar shouted: Hurrah!, here comes Abdi Bihi, and we will certainly be the first to board any Matatu that comes in.  When I saw Abdi Bihi, I thought, Uncle Abduljabar must lost his mind for Abdi Bihi happened to be a short slender guy  of less 100 lbs, dressed in  brown shirt and a Somali lungi (Ma?awis) hanging on his loins lifted mid-thigh high, the way a Somali herder lifts it when on the tracks of his lost camels.

From the way he carried himself, I knew that Abdi Bihi?s mind is still in the bushes around Burao. I Guessed right away that Abdi Bihi does not speak Swahili, English or any native Ugandan language, but he possess the kind of bravery and innate problem solving capabilities common to the people of Burao.

At that moment, one Matatu pulled in. Over 20 people from driver?s tribe lined up behind it. But Abdi Bihi, bold and brazen, went straight to the driver’s door, pulled away the driver to a distance of 20 feet tickling him all the way long. Seemingly never ever touched or tickled that way, the driver fell in thunderous spasmodic laughter.

When the ticking finally stopped and the driver regained his consciousness/composure, Bihi  instructed him with hand motion to let us into the taxi. We were the first two of the 6 lucky passengers (4 from driver?s tribe).

The Somali people, in general, have been historically known to be bold and brave problem solvers, with some of their skills often attributed to the wild animals they are associated with, which may be relatively more numerous or more or less tamed/befriended in the region of the country they come from.

During Somaliland?s 20 years as a sovereign state, separate from Somalia, we never have had a problem with a British Prime Minister, due to the political ingenuity of our past presidents and their four-legged friends. Abdirahman Tuure sought wise counsel from Waraabe Qowdhama. Egal went to Wagar or Golis Mountain when faced with a tough decision, while Riyaale was rumored to pay night visits to Shar-laga-Nadi Mountain near Borama to get the Twig of Transformation.

The recent success of Somalia?s President Hassan Gurguurte with the British Prime can hardly be explained with anything other than the powerful and blinding effects of Buulo-burde spell.

So it time for Silaanyo to try tickling language, or the famous foxy tricks on the Right Honorable David Cameron which may surprisingly undo Hassan Gurguurta´s Buulo Burde spell.

Ahmed M. Adam (Doobbaje)




    No British officials wasted their time welcoming a governor of few villages in northern Somalia that has the backing of two sub-clans and one hawala company. Same old lies but will return to Morgan's house as usual achieving nothing. Mirqaanland shrinks by day. SIILYAANYUUR said he will go to america, let see who will welcome him and if the khat addict will be welcomed as statesman kkk Secessionists are comedians wallahi.

    • Sade why u don t spend ur time on walanweyn half bantu and Faqash website ? Otherwise as unionist come with good argument and not BS comments.

  2. Talking the same rubbish like siy aad used to, Yea sade he thought we were a small population without strength lmaooo I remember hearing him telling your ilk that they would take our land and women lmaoooo how did that work out for you? or him?

    We are not a people to be taken lightly, and democracy and the will of the population will not be taken for granted much longer!

    How is that hatred and dislike of Somaliland working out for you? We have a strong nation while all you do is try and fail to copy an ounce of what we have achieved.

    Keep hating like 50 said like the fire needs the air, I need you to keep hating, its my fuel to succeed!

  3. silaanyo is a good slave of his british master, and the best skill he perfected is licking boots. In that way, i agree, he used to reach anywhere he wanted to, but that skill is not needed from his side this time. He will only waste his energy with nothing in return, pathetic creature

    • Ilyas
      Mr……For gods sake just read your comment, evaluate and analyze it and figure out whether their is any material of obstruct entity in it, I also encourage you to determine the elements for any essential features of synthesis.

      Once you are done get back here with your findings. That’s if you are a real man with any sorts of morals, courage and civility and thus evaluate yourself for once. It ain’t shameful doing so therefore man up.

      One can say whatever he/she wants but the reality is your own words can spill the beans about who you are, your up bringing and your qualities as a decent human being.
      The upbringing though at the end of the day is the foundation of what you will be or are.

      Insulting the president of Somaliland whom you have never met or know nothing about is very unfortunate, Though at the end of the day it seems you are just exposing your true colors in reasoning, and at the same trying to infest your sickly agenda to the readers, which at the end will work against you due to the lowness you simple exhibit.

      Cursing insulting or any other derogatory means of expressing ones feeling, hate, jealousy or as such, has always worked against whomever makes them a way of expressing their feelings in such ways.

      I despise your comments and all those who think like you, but I figured out it’s good to educate such nuisance lowly individuals as educating them might one day get them back to sanity and civility.

      God bless Somaliland and it’s people inshallah.

  4. loooooooool so you think the success of hassan sheekh is the effect of the afaafiil hiraan spell? your presidents have been into qawdhama, sahar-laga- nadi, wagar and golis mountains and didnt make any effects on them why do you believe in qabno montains afaafiil spell?????

  5. who wants to meet this idiot who represents the secessionist (isaaq clan) anyway? somalia is here to stay for good and we will not be held in captive by a deluded clan from the mud villages of Hargeisa, burco and berbera who act on their delusions that they can revive a colonial white trash village border. Once you join somalia there is no going back You have to respect the Somali constitution in 1960 a decision made by somalis all walk of life to unite the somali people under one republic state so therefore the tribalist Ethiopian stooge (SNM) has no right to revive a British colonial white trash village border.

  6. ur presidernt farrole is a ugly useless person tell me any thing farrole has done for you all nothing even the petrol is under his son's name . u all are trash people and selffish people the problem with you all can reach us because you all fix ur home and then fix Mogadishu .