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SUBJECT: Only the elected President of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo has the official mandate to represent the people at international Negotiations


Dear Minister


We, the undersigned, the pro-democratic movement in Somaliland, comprising human rights and civil society organizations, operating under several non-governmental national level umbrellas and networks wish to express our gratitude to the people and government of the United Kingdom for their lions share in support towards developing our country’s education, health, security, livelihoods and democratization process for the last 20 years.


Your excellency, as you are aware the democratization process that has ensued in Somaliland over the years has not only facilitated the availability of a government led by an elected head of state but has become a good example of democratic principles within Africa and the Islamic world.


The elected presidents have further enable the country to secure its boarders, ensure the safety of its citizens but has also enable the active participation of somaliland in international efforts to eliminate terrorism and piracy in the Horn region. This has been accomplished with the assistance and partnership with neighbouring governments of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Yemen as well as with various international governments and organizations.


The enactment by parliament of various bills that has legalized the government’s involvement in stabilizing the Horn of Africa region is testimony to the commitment of the 4.5 million Somalilanders towards sustaining peace, security as well as the democratic principles.


To this effect, Honourable Minister, the Somaliland Civil Society groups wish to inform that only the elected President of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo has the official mandate to represent the people at international Negotiations.


In view of this fact we wish to inform that the people of Somaliland are against the on-going trend where an unelected president of the neighbouring Somalia is undertaking negotiations and speaking on their behalf.


Minister, Somaliland though unrecognized internationally is a sovereign nation that pulled out of its fateful union with Somalia, a union it entered after your government granted independence on 26th June 1960.


On the other hand the Somaliland Civil Society groups is saddened by the recent travel ban and poor security alert for Somaliland issued by your ministry which we believe is not factual considering the evidence on the ground.


Despite its negative impact internationally, the alert is an extra vigilance wake up call for our government as related to its protection of expatriates, citizens and deterrence against terrorists.


Your Excellency, we urge the international community and more specifically the United Kingdom to continue their support to our country and accord it the respect and dignity it deserves.


Finally, we wish to inform the world that the people of Somaliland have full confidence in their elected president H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo and his administration.


Sincerely yours,


Mr Suleiman Ismail Bulale




Horn Africa Human Rights Watch Committee


CC: Hon Ban Ki Moon,


UN General Secretary,


New York


CC: Mr John Kerry


Secretary of state, US State Department,


Washington DC


  1. The few grievers left behind from H.E Gen President Siyad Baree era can cry all they want but no Somali neither IC recognizes their claim to the imaginary country. They are part and partial of Somalia and the IC only recognizes one government, capital and president. Britain made that clear. The US made that clear. Somalis made that clear. The last separatists can cry all they want but Somalia remains united and soon will have the resources, organization and voice to confront the last separatists and terrorists with brutal force.

    • Sade u have same reaction than Ethiopian and North Sudanese toward Eritrean and South Sudanese before getting their independence. Please do not for speak for Somalis but only for Somalia Koonfur as u do not control Djibouti/Kil5 and NFD and now it is time for Somaliland to get his lost sovergnity. Time of BS somalinimo is over..

      • lol why do you people always pick and choose Eritrea got its independence with the blessing of Ethiopia same with South-Sudan otherwise they would of still been stuck with those countries to this day.

        So i suggest that you tell your leaders to go to Mogadishu once there get on their knees and beg and you might get it especially at this moment when Puntland is pissing of the Hawiye by coming with this rhetoric's of seceding themselves.

        • we dont bef nor bow down 2 no body only allah almighty and if somalia thinks that we will join a failed union than all i can say is get ready for scud missiles raining on garowe and xamar

    • stop making noise u silly mareex*arweyn fool and save ur useless clan from gedo being amputated by ina godane loool

  2. Politicans are people who, when they see a light at the end of the tunnel, come out and buy some more tunnels. Siilaanyo is neither the candle that spreads the light nor the mirror that reflects it. He is not a leader that can either lead Somaliland into heaven or hell. His vision is below the belt, his thinking is poor, his intellect never allows him from going astray all time. He has been weak and weak, a man with no courage and conviction. This is the reality. The need is that Somaliland must get rid of him.