It is a fact that we have weathered many a storm in our national politics, security and social fabrics for the past two decades or so.
It is also a fact that quite unbecoming, potentially perilous and fractiously dangerous misunderstandings is in the aura of our political environs once again.
Going by what is daily seen in our public media, the situation needs to be controlled forthwith.
It is, of course, our hope, wish and liking that minds, words and actions of good tidings that are guided with wisdom, will and should prevail.
This should not be a mere wishful thinking, but in essence, damage control must be made immediately.
It needs no reminding that this column perpetually reiterates that the land, people and nation of Somaliland have their aspirations already charted out.
These aspirations which inadvently concerns about what all our lives and those of our posterity entails, hence are of course, something that MUST/NOT be jolted, swayed or curtailed at any cost. To do so would be obliterate the whole future of a people.
We call upon the whole officialdom to bring back sanity and reassurance to public issues swiftly.
All arms of the state should be diligent and true to their duties.
No person has a right to pep up political temperatures by injecting words tailored to wash down the drains all that we have fought, suffered and persevered for painstakingly.
Let the ugly trends in our media stop forthwith.
It is perturbing that the traditional leaders and the Guurti members are sitting by the sidelines as people are treated virulent words in the electronic media both in print and audio/visual.
We have a government in place and its officials should be more responsible such that unbinding leaks should not be flashed around.
Similarly the opposition groups should be constructive in their critics and not worsen the situation even more.
As for the recent unprecedented mass transfers of regional chiefs, we support the President, for that is what governance entails all about.
The changes will help increase transparency; instill diligence and uproot tribalism in the public sector.
The precise acts and senses of responsibility within all echelons of officialdom would thus increase for the better.
We hope that all will join hands and suppress any seen and unseen forces of darkness.
Let us support the government to achieve our goals.



  1. Criticizing our government, while our president is in foreign land is a no go area. This is not specific to Somaliland, in case you did not notice, but is a common courtesy practiced by all countries big or small. Secondly, bashing our government through enemy TVs must end and not give comfort to the Somaliland-haters.

    Our enemies do not understand democracy and when they see us engaged in healthy democratic debate they think it is the end of Somaliland and as they do in Somalia they think,alas, everyone will just reach for his AK-47.

    Learn from us we do not settle our debates by silencing the voices of reason, but we listen to them and hear what they saying, before we jump to ignorant conclusions.

  2. Well done author, you are on the right track to free your soul/thinking from these menepulative cold blooded psychopaths. Our people in the somaliland region are under a real threat from silaanyo and his gang. They are under a systematic rehab under the qat influence. The drug, is the best weapon to capture their wills, money and even to send so many insane. The somaliland project is so much inlined by how many qat trees are delivered every morning to our deeply adicted families in the north.
    The qat, for them, became the biggest problem, yet the salvation to subdue their enraged souls to digest next lie from the silaanyo gang.
    If you are really thinking that you'll be a country 1 day, then you are unfortunatly living a dream and you need to come down the earth where you'll be crushed with the harsh reality. You are on a somali soil.

    • Ilyas be careful ethiopian and North Sudan used to call for long time eritrean and South sudanese as dreamer but both secessionist never gave up even after each 30y and 40y of struggle so don t be surprised at the result also for Somaliland recognition . Time of BS somalinimo love is over…Somaliland will follow soon Djibouti as somali independent state.

      • Hornid, don't be dragged with the rest of the sheeps, for 1 thing, i advise you as a younger brother.
        There will never be something called somaliland country and always, late is better than never.
        Im sure you don't want to be fugitive in your own homeland so think with your brain, not just swim with the herd.
        Silaanyo and his gang are the first to hit the road when the real north somalis amerged out of their deep sleep, but the sheeps will be destroyed under the loyal feets of our families in the north.
        Repent before it is too late

          • The loser, is who lost their people, their land, their present and future, the one who chew more than what they can bite, the one who got no objectives but to see his government as a god on earth, the one who is given qat to give their land in return, the one who prefer strangers to their family members, the one who laughs at a child dying,………………………….

    • IIyas

      What a wishful thinker. Keep on dreaming. You or your kind’s hateful wishes will not stop Somaliland from becoming an independent progressive country.
      Sooner than later your hateful wishes will be proven wrong, take my word for that. Viva Somaliland and god bless it inshallah.

  3. Mr. EGGE,

    Let us not talk about the stolen elections. Let us not talk about Kulmiye party stealing every vote of our poor masses and dumping ballot boxes in every valley, under trees and in every dry river bed and anger of our people. Let us not talk about Silanyo enriching and empowering his clan on the expense of everyone in the region. Let us not talk about the misguided minister of presidency putting a women in jail and becoming both the jailer and judge himself. Let us not talk about the diaspora ministers who siphon every penny that was intended for the poor masses and the out of control corruption. Let us not talk about shooting live bullets and massacring of rioting youngsters who dared to demonstrated against Silanyo's fraud.Let's not talk about the fighting that has been raging in Sool for the last twenty years and our people being massacred by the militia of Garadagland separatists for the last 20 years.

    Mr. EGGE, if mass transfers of regional chiefs is ok with you and these transfers are the prerogative of any government, why did we revolt against the Ganis and Morgans of Mohamed Siyad Barre yesterday? Like any misguided separatist, your argument and logic do not make sense in the real world.

    • Mr. Allemagan,

      First of all, before you make all these comments, my question to you, do you believe in Somaliland as a sovereign state that can live with its neighbours peacefully? If you do not support Somaliland Independent, everything else you write here is a FITNA, and no smart Somalilander will ever buy your garbage. However, if you support Somaliland sovereignty then we can discuss about these issues you raise here.Until then you can keep on bucking and no one will listen to you.

  4. Blah blah blah don't you separatist day dreamers ever get tired of writing the same BS all over an over again ?

    To calm your hearts down seeing you're Irir read this wonderful article which if they succeed where others who were even armed couldn't will get us a step closer to Somaliweyn.

    For nearly 2 years 100's of thousand sometimes even millions of Muslims defied the TPLF junta and came out almost every Friday after Jummah to protest in the heart of Aidss Ababa

    and other Muslim dominated cities add that with TPLF being at each others throat like no one's business behind the scenes

    Add that with Kenya also experiencing the breakdown of the rule of law from Tana to Turkana inching to anarchy especially Turkana + investors staying away… means even if the election somewhat succeeds it will be too late to reverse the damage already done the wheels has already been set in motion along tribal lines and each wont settle for lesser than the other —>Somalia 1991.

    Our odds against the Habashis and its lesser evil the Bantus are no longer 100% stacked against us but still is 50% and if we come together and stop sabotaging each other we could easily turn it into 0% by helping them like they did to us on their way to total collapse. Somaliweyn hanoolaato

      • Is that all your pea brain could muster i pity the likes of you always gladly to have your face next to the enemy's of the Somali people a@@es but quick to show a fist to fellow Somalis.

        Glad your nothing but a benefit scrounging diaspora and not an MP of the North

  5. These Somalia primates do not understand where you coming from. Please do not waste your time responding to the Somaliland-haters. I have worked and lived in Somalia all they do is play the victim card and ask for charity.

    Somaliland is flourishing and people there are self-confident and haven seen a single Somalilander talking badly about Somalia in my six month long stay there. The Somalilanders are busy managing their businesses, while in Somalia all they do is bash Somalilanders and beg for money, they even do the begging in the streets of Hargeisa, the same country they hate to flourish.

    • Jose,
      If I may add to your insight knowledge about Somalis dependency..If you ask them why they are poor, they might call you a communist but if you promise a free bone, you'll definitely be a saint to should put this test in action…it would be greatly appreciated if you could share the outcome in a latter date..

    • Is this guy for real? you dissing the same country you worked and lived in yet you have the audacity to call others BEGGARS, perhaps you need to have a second look at yourself. Someone here is lacking some grey matter in the brain compartment. and yes that person is YOU.

  6. Security Council to Assess Somalia Mission… includes "options and recommendations for a future U.N. role in the country" within the coming week.

    Meaning AMISOM will slowly be replaced by UN peacekeepers most likely from Muslim countries don't think the West are that dumb to repeat the same mistake again fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me

  7. Allemagan,
    You're blindsided by fear and an obvious inferiority complex. You share many similarities with the rattle snakes as any ground vibration by any distance is an imminent threat to them in which they inadvertently reveal their presence. Somaliland has been improving over the last 21 years, where Somalia has been winning repeatedly the first place failed state in the world..Your commentary piece here is clearly shedding light on your true colors and how colluded you're..

    No point of dwelling on he past, a quick environmental adaptation is what you should be considering at the present time….FYI, the Garaggangs (if may use your preferred lingo) are here to govern for the time being, whether you like it or not.. …

  8. Let's get this over with once and for all Somalia will never ever recognize a tribal white trash village, the separatist scums holed up in hargeysa will surely have their blood shed.

  9. @Jose
    Thank you for telling the difference between somali Hargeisa and somali Mogdisho. They neclegted their country and they think the Ic will build their land