ADAMISL apprehended a thug, and if Puntland is a culprit, it’s her own issue, he says

By M.A. Egge

Hon. Ahmed Haji Ali Adami has vowed to have the traffickers of thelethal illegal military catchment nabbed at Berbera last week to be arraigned in a court of law according to both the constitutions of land and that binding in the international community’s charters.

The country’s defense minister ascertained the fact that the vessel carrying the military gear was taken over by security personnel and, saying that it will never be released, will also be evidence that would prosecute the crew led by their captain.

Defence Minister Adami who was talking to our reporter on Friday/ Saturday night over telephone lambasted the Puntland official who alleged that the arms were being shipped to Alshabaab in Somaliland.

“A thief does not steal from once self”, said Hon. Adami, and added, “SL apprehended a thug, and if Puntland is a culprit, it’s her own issue”.

Saying that each and every country had sovereign laws, the Minister categorically stated Somaliland would deal with the issue as per constitution.

“We apprehended the illegal shipment and we will deal with it according to the laws”, he said.

He expressed his shock that the Puntlander would give sweeping statements while shamelessly lying through the teeth. “Even if we are rivals, allegations of plain naked lies was going too far with all the officialdom”, said the minister.

He said his appeal to the international community was a mere smokescreen hence quipped, “The IC would vouch for us rather than Puntaland when it comes to the region’s security”.

Saying that for the almost the past quarter of a century, the world community can testify to the fact that SL has been living peacefully with its neighbours.

He said that if the lethal military gear could have fallen into wrong hands it was capable of combusting untold havoc.

“Now that we have them in our hands, no one needs to fear for we have been peaceful”, he said.

Saying that SL’s record was self-explanatory, the minister reiterated the country’s constitutional rights to hold its cue.

The MV Shakir which docked in Berbera had the revelations of what it bore first heard from none other than the minister of Interior himself Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran-adde.

While announcing the impounding of the vessel MV Shkir, Hon. Waran-adde gave some of the details of the catchment on board the cargo ship as armored personnel carriers, hundreds of artilleries and associated hard wares, armored military vehicles (tanks and technicals), VIP, bullet proof vehicles heavy duty vehicles carrying concealed gears, amphibious attack vessels etc.

Meanwhile in a related story, the deputy minister of interior in charge of security Hon. Ali M. Elmi pledged to have a detailed report on the whole issue to be availed soon.