Brigadier_Berhe_TesfayeBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-Brigadier General BerheTesfaye, Ethiopian Ambassador to Somaliland has refuted reports carried by a section of media purporting that he was refused access by Somaliland authorities to an impounded ship carrying weapons.

The Ethiopian envoy in an interview with a local Somali language paper stated as follows:

The issue regarding the impounding of MV Shakir and its cargo is a matter which solely lies with Somaliland authorities hence for them solve.

The Ethiopian envoy was refuting media reports which alleged that he was refused access to the MV Shakir. He stated that he had at no time made such visit but an official from the Ethiopian embassy in hargeisa had made the routine visit.

We have bilateral relations concerning security issues with Somaliland, we and SL authorities usually consult each when the necessity dictates.