4(235).jpgBy Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E Vice President Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael “Saylici” today embarked on an inspection tour of the ongoing second and final phase upgrade construction work, which the government says is part of a bigger plan to expand and modernize the facility as a key regional flight hub in the near future.

The Minister Civil Aviation and Air Transport briefing the Vice President, ministers and MPs said, “The current work for the construction of additional 1.25 km (1250 M) extension to the recently renovated 2,466M runaway began nearly one year ago.

“I am glad to say this will be the last and final phase which is to lay the asphalt will last for one months and make no mistake the new project to extent the runway by 1.25 KM is completely different then the pervious renovation of Hargeisa Airport 2,466M runway, this be totally a complete new runway and it is not laying piece of asphalt on ground or to existing runway. It involves excavating the site and building from the sub base of the runway”, he said.

Hon Mahmoud Abdi Hashi added , “The new part of the extended runway has being reinforced it with concrete materials hence making the runway strong so it can support large heavy jets or any other aircraft that will operate in the future to Egal International airport. The Somaliland Civil Aviation and Air Transport has followed and adhered to the standards and the recommended practice of International Civil Aviation organization.

“Then after the work on the new runway is completed, we shall proceed to the next stage which is the expansion of the existing length of the apron at the Egal international airport which is 1410M will be extended 100 x 50 meters in order to accommodate several aircrafts. For the safety and security of the passengers the Airport terminals and the Airport property the apron area will be expanded so the aircrafts can park away from the terminal plus adding an additional taxiway so that aircrafts can maneuver easily around the apron without damage to terminal property or the aircrafts and also installation of lighting system for night landings so that the airport can handle aircrafts day and night”, he stated.

Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi speaking during the inspect ion tour said , “When the current government came to power the Egal airport was classed as class2 runaway by ICAO but now its class 7 runaway and when its finally completed it will be Class 10 runaway.

‘I would also like to thank H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud, Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael ‘Saylic” and the Minister of Finance Hon Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale for their support in availing the funds for the construction of 13 KM airport security fence, new gardens meant to beautify the airport landscape and the procurement of the vital of lighting system for night landings this together with financial contributions made by locally owned airline firms such as Daaloo airline and Juba airways.

H.E Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismael ‘Saylic” speaking at the venue said, “Today the people of Somaliland are glad to see now have Egal and Berbera international airports have longer runways and facilities to accommodate the almost every type aircraft which are commonly used for international or intercontinental travel and now Egal International airports will also serve as hub or places where non-direct or transit flights may land and passengers switch planes.

The VP concluded by stating, “The Current government has subsequently fulfilled most of its campaign promises in accordance with all indications at hand e.g. free education, payment increases for all army and civil servants, offering ranks for the national army, infrastructure and the like.