gaal2We have nothing to Say to a Rogue Sutlan , nobody wants to live in anarchy or in turmoil, so I would like to urge him to reconsider his decision”  Suleiman Gaal

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Chairman of Somaliland House of Elders Mr. Saleban Mahmoud Aden for the first time addressing members of the press on matters regarding the issue of the rogue Sultan Wabar said, “As far as the Guurti is concerned we the issue of the Sultan relates to national security hence out of our line of work.

“As you’re aware of the house of elders is the nation’s political mediation body and reconciliation but how is it possible to deal with someone, whose whereabouts are said to be unknown mountain range, I believe it’s a matter Awdalites can solve. Nobody wants to live in anarchy or in turmoil, so I would like to urge him to reconsider his decision, we all know where such actions and steer from anything which may lead to internal conflict”, he stated.

On the other hand the chairman of the house of elders refuted in the strongest terms claims that the national conciliatory body was plotting in cohorts with the present government for a possible extension of its term.

“I urge the media and members of the public to shun talk of the possibilities of an extension of the current government tenure, there is no such thing as extension and I am assuring you such thing won’t happen, even for one day and the political campaigning will commence on the 26th of June to be followed by the Presidential and Parliamentary elections which must be held in time.

Furthermore, oppositions accuse the Guurti leadership for having a close and questionable relationship with the current administration. They claim this relationship coupled with their incompetence makes the Guurti to mostly be content with keeping the status quo, which mainly is to rubber stamp the administration’s agenda. They assert that this House has so far shown no objections to whatever they are presented and usually accept government plans in face value. Worse, the opposition insists that Guurti defends government policies even though this is supposed to be where the balance of power is checked to ensure fairness application of policies.